• Afrihost has been simply amazing! Their service levels are top notch and their pricing is always the most competitive. Their recent mobile offering is the best deal going around. I love Afrihost because they are committed to their clients and ensuring that their clients are getting the best deal every day of the year.

    Savings | 27 Aug 2013 | All Testimonials | Submit Yours
  • The grass is not always greener on the other side. We left "AfriHost" but returned after just 1 day. Thanks for the support and great service - "AfriHost Team"

    Conrad Taljaard - RFIQ | 01 Nov 2014 | All Testimonials | Submit Yours
  • Gone are the days when you have to wait a day and pay a fortune to top-up a capped account! Very impressive instant turnaround by SMS. I was blown away by Afrihost's service... have been using Afrihost for a year now, and wish I'd found them sooner, as I'd have pulled out less hair dealing with my previous ISP and Telkom. Seriously.

    Ingris | 03 Dec 2012 | All Testimonials | Submit Yours
  • wow wow wow, excellent service, AH kept me in the loop every step of the way with regards to my order as well as being prompt and friendly with any concerns i raised, Thx so much guys AfriHost FTW

    MarkD | 11 Dec 2013 | All Testimonials | Submit Yours
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