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How would you like your
Afrihost services for FREE?

It's Simple: Refer someone to Afrihost and you'll instantly get 50%
of their first bill credited to your account. The person who signs up
will also get a 50% discount off their first bill. Win for you. Win for them.

Here's how it works

  • You setup a link, banner or email from our referral section in the Afrihost Clientzone.
  • Someone signs up for an afrihost service via your link, banner or email.
  • The person who signed up via your link, banner or email will receive a 50% discount on their first month's bill.
  • You will receive 50% of their first bill credited to your account.

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Have any questions?

How does the Refer a Friend Programme work?

If you refer someone to Afrihost and they join us you'll get 50% of their first bill off what you owe us. The person you refer will also get 50% discount off their first invoice. Win for you. Win for them.

How do I join the Programme?

If you are an Afrihost client you are already part of the programme and you can begin referring people right away. Simply setup your own links in Client Zone and then send them to your friends or include them on your website.

How do I practically start referring people to Afrihost?

  • Click the 'Create Links' link in the left menu.
  • Setup your own unique referrer links to one of our products.
  • Tell someone about us and our services via email, your website, facebook, twitter or any other method.
  • They click on your referral link.
  • If they signup with us for any of the services they will get 50% off both their first pro-rata bill and their next full month's invoice.
  • Your account will get credited with an amount equal to 50% of their signed-up package that they signed up with from your referral with us.

When do I get the credit on my account? When does the person I refer get the discount?

Immediately! Please note though that if the person you referred fails to pay us or cancels the service any time within the first 3 months then the credit will be reversed off your account and you will owe that amount again.

Can I advertise this on my website?

Absolutely! You can include all your links on your website or you can include any (or all) of the many banners we have available for you.

Can I advertise this via email?

Yes you can. However, please note that you can only send this to people you know or to a legitimate email list of yours.
If you spam anyone we will immediately deactivate your referral links, reverse any credits you have received and close your referal programme account with us. We have zero tolerance for Spam and if you abuse this service in any way we will cancel your account and credits.

Can I use the banners and link on paid advertising services?

Yes you can. You can use the banners or your link on online advertising services such as Google Adwords, the Google adsense network or any banner advertising network.

What happens if the person I refer to you does not pay you?

If at any time in the first 3 months after signing up the person you referred does not pay us or cancels that service with us we will reverse the credit that was given to you on their signup.

Where can I see how many people have signed up through my links?

Click on the 'Reports' link in the clientzone menu. Here you will be able to see the number of signups that you have got through your different links, emails and banners that you use. This is a great way to see which strategies are working the best and where the best place will be for you to concentrate your efforts.

Do I need to be a client of Afrihost to refer a friend?

Yes. You need to have at least one active service or product with us in order to be able to benefit from the 'Refer a Friend' programme.

What happens if I don't use my exact link I created? Will I still get my credit?

Unfortunately not. Please make sure that you use the correct link as created else we will not be able to track the link and credit your account if someone signs up through an incorrect link.

What happens if I tell someone about Afrihost, they click my link but only sign up months later?

Whenever someone clicks your link they will be 'marked' as yours. If they return to the Afrihost site at any time in the next 6 months and signup for one of the services you will still be credited!

Which services that Afrihost offer qualify for the Refer a Friend programme?

At the moment the following services qualify:

  • All Linux Web Hosting Options.

We will be including all our monthly products soon - However at this time only the services above qualify.

How do I add banners to my website?

  • Click on the 'Get Links & Banners' link on the left.
  • Choose the product that you want to get banners for and click on the 'Show Banners' button.
  • Choose the shape and size banner you want to use.
  • Copy and paste the text below the banner you want to use.
  • Paste this HTML text into the HTML of your website.

Alternately you can copy the banner image you like and simply use your link you created (PLEASE NOTE though that if you do this you will not track the performance of this banner in your Reports)

Can I make and use my own banners?

Yes you can! Simply use your link with any banner you created and you will be credited with the sale. This sale will be tracked under the link you used in the Reports section.

Can I send a tweet out on twitter and include my link?

Yes you can - Any signups from people who click on your link will be credited to you

My friend clicked on my link and signed up but I didn't get any credit. What can I do?

Ask your friend to email his invoice through to you and then send it through to support@afrihost.com with your link and Client Zone username and we will investigate for you and make sure you are credited.

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