Afrihost Fixed Broadband Network

Fibre Network DSL Network
Because we don’t rely on only one or two International Backhaul Cables, we are able to operate a more robust and redundant network. This means that in the event that a cable cut or other issue occurs, you won’t be left dead in the water.
Local Caching
To ensure we provide you with the best possible speeds, latencyand access to content, we have caches on our network for popular service such as Google, YouTube, Netfilx and more!

Internet Problems?

Having problems with your Internet Connection? Head over to our Network Status page to check if there are any issues at the moment.

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Network Management

Shaping and Prioritisation with Afrihost Fixed Broadband

In order to ensure that everybody has the best experience, we manage our network by prioritising different types of traffic so that our clients' Internet is running as smoothly as possible - no matter the time of the day or the utilisation of the network. Click on the button below to see how our network is managed.

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