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Modems and Wi-Fi Routers

These days, money talks, and we’ll make your precious Rands speak volumes. Not only are these top of the range modems and Wi-Fi routers that offer excellent performance and Wi-Fi range, you’d battle to find a better cash price at any retailer.

Get more coverage for your home with our Wi-Fi routers. They help you keep your mobile devices and computers connected to Wi-Fi with a reliable connection and expanded coverage in every corner of your home.

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Why You Will Love Our Fixed Line Routers

All The Awesome Advantages You Get With Our Devices!

Features Benefits
Industry Leading Service
Industry Leading Service

Our friendly, competent support staff is available 24/7. You never have to worry about someone being available to assist you should you need it.

Money Savings
Money Savings

Besides the delivery cost already being included in the price, you'll be hard-pressed to get these same Modems at a lower cost anywhere else. Save hundreds, not just cents.

Greater Range and Speed
Greater Range and Speed

Because we only believe in selling stuff we'd use ourselves, we've chosen the cream of the crop when it comes to Wireless. Our Routers come with cutting edge N300 connectivity for enhanced speed and range.

Fast Delivery<sup>2</sup>
Fast Delivery2

Once your payment has cleared, we can get your DSL Router to your door. We can generally deliver within 48 hours in major centres. Then you can just plug it in and enjoy the internet effortlessly.

No Contracts. No Catch.
No Contracts. No Catch.

You might be thinking there must be some catch to this - why are we offering a superior product and service such a competitive price? Well, there's no catch - Just a splash of Pure Internet Joy!

DSL Lines

Huawei E5785
LTE Mobile Wi-Fi
Up to 300 Mbps2 Download Speed
Up to 12 Hours2 Battery Life
Connect up to 16 Wireless Devices
The Small Print
  • Good day, I have nothing but praise for your service I had no problem getting my account and had no real problems. I am using Afrihost at home and at work and both accounts are running very smooth. Thank you very much for your great service.

    Johan Geldenhuys | 29 Jun 2011 | All Testimonials | Submit Yours
  • Being a techie myself, I absolutely love the incredible, world class support and advise I receive from Afrihost. From the cheapest cloud server options to the ability to reset my own Telkom ADSL line ON THEIR WEBSITE! If you haven't signed up with Afrihost, you aren't really using the internet!Keep on keeping on, guys.

    James Dyke | 21 Feb 2013 | All Testimonials | Submit Yours
  • I had a serious problem of a crashed hardware for my laptop that could have lost major business. Unfortunately, I hadn't backed up my information for that month yet. Lost very important information that was supposed to be presented to my client as our yearly financial reports, that he also had to report on to his exco. The same information was sent to the client 10 days ago through email, the client…

    Mac Lebeko | 05 Dec 2012 | All Testimonials | Submit Yours
  • I signed up with AfriHost recently and their service has been amazing. The support staff were exceptionally understanding and were more helpful than I could've ever imagined. Thumbs up to a great connection, great affordability and exceptional support! :)

    Grant | 18 Apr 2011 | All Testimonials | Submit Yours
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