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The Perks of Life at Afrihost

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Afrihost Perks

Of course we offer vast riches and/or a competitive salary, but that’s not the only boat that floats. We offer a fun, relaxed and healthy workspace.

We’ve read all the studies and ticked all the boxes to ensure we offer you a safe and comfortable environment to do what you do best. Working for Afrihost is not just about moolah though, we’ve expanded the definition of remuneration to include a host of perks that even extend to your home, so that you’ll never want to work anywhere else.

Great Atmosphere

We have competitions, incentives and general craziness to make working here fun. We have a Harlem Shake - nuff said!

Delicious Meals

We take care of your chow, so you can focus on your tasks. Delicious cooked lunches and supper, with plenty of coffee in-between.

Provident Fund

Eventually we’ll all get old and cranky (and complain about loud music). We make sure that you and your family are taken care of.

Life Insurance

Not something anyone likes to talk about, but it could happen. Set your mind at ease knowing your family will be looked after.

Office Gym

Get fit, work out your frustrations or learn how to box. We have our own personal trainer to help you get rid of that spare tyre.

Birthday & Anniversaries

We celebrate your special days by giving time off on your birthday and a bonus on your anniversary - every single year!