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With over 15 years of experience in the telecoms industry, Frogfoot Fibre is widely known for technical excellence. Backed by industry giants Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) and Investec, Frogfoot have invested significantly in a robust, high performance broadband network. Frogfoot Fibre have extensive coverage throughout South Africa and have connected over 5,000 homes and offices in 5 regions.

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Frogfoot Uncapped Fibre Experience
Full-Speed Realtime Services
No Thresholds or Throttling
No Shaping
How long will a Frogfoot Fibre Installation take?
Fibre Line Installation
Fibre Line Installation
Within approx. 3 week(s)
Fibre Line Activation
Fibre Line Activation
Within approx. 5 Working Days
Pure Internet Joy!
Pure Internet Joy!
Within approx. 24 Hours
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Frogfoot Fibre Packages

All packages are bundled, so the price you see is for both your data and line rental, all‑inclusive.

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Sign up with Afrihost Fibre today and you can save up to R4000! This overall amount of up to R4000 can be used to offset installation and hardware costs if you're new to Fibre, or if you aren't happy with your current ISP and want to experience Pure Internet Joy, we'll credit your Afrihost account to re‑imburse you for costs incurred in making the switch!

If you're signing up for a new connection, the savings will automatically apply on checkout.

If you're migrating from another ISP, we'll automatically zero‑rate migration fees associated with the last-mile provider.

Activation or Migration
Activation or Migration
Awesome Wi-Fi
Modem and Wi‑Fi

Saving you up to R4000 Altogether!

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