• Email Configuration
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In order to configure your mail accounts you will need to use the correct settings, depending on what your unique scenario is. We've put together a quick summary of which configuration to use based on your setup.

Email Configuration Settings

DSL Client using their @afrihost.co.za email address. dslmail.afrihost.co.za smtp.afrihost.co.za
DSL Client using another email address Settings as per mail provider smtp.afrihost.co.za
Hosting client not using Afrihost DSL but needing SMTP. mail.my-cupcakes.co.za mail.my-cupcakes.co.za *
Hosting client not using Afrihost DSL and using their own ISP for SMTP. mail.my-cupcakes.co.za Settings Provided by your ISP **

* SMTP Authentication must be switched on – some email clients have the facility to say "Use same settings as incoming" - so it will use the email address and password of your POP account.
** This is your current ISP’s smtp server settings.