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  • 10 Nov

Why does your Business need a Website?

You have started a new business but how are you going to let everyone know what you must offer? This is where having your own website is the answer, as it advertises your business to a worldwide audience. It may well be that a website can either make either break your business. A website speaks volumes to others about the vision and mission you may have for your business, as well as the products you have on offer.  So, let us have a look why an excellent website is so vital to the growth and success of your business. 

How do People see your Business Online?

We are in the middle of a digital age, where information is exploding everywhere, so readily and easily available to every man, woman, and child in the street. All you hear is when you ask someone where they managed to get those nice clothes is “Oh, I Googled it.”

Presenting a slide show about your business in a large hall seating 500 people may seem daunting, but what about presenting it to 100 million potential clients? Perhaps, the latter scenario will make us realize how important it is to ensure that the professional quality of the website performs its best on search engines and on social media, right from the outset.

The importance of good contact details cannot be over-estimated – the last thing you want is for potential clients to struggle to get hold of someone in your business, or waiting for some response that never comes. Make sure a map of the business’s physical location makes it easy for a client to find your business premises.

No Website, No Business

It looks quite a cut-throat heading, but, fortunately or unfortunately, that is how business operates in the 21st century. Potential clients are always on the look-out for items they require, and your website mustn’t disappoint them.

Remember that your website reflects 100% of what your business is like. Having a bad website, is like inviting a group of interested businessmen to a run-down office, with broken furniture and paint flaking off the walls. This is advertising in reverse, and it would be better to have no website or office at all. It is all about perception, and yes, your products may shine and be of the best quality, but potential clients won’t look that far. The front door was bad enough.

No excuses – use Template-based Websites

There is actually no excuse for not getting it right when trying to create a professional-looking website. There are so many template-based websites out there which you can custom-build according to your business’s specifications. Potential clients must be able to navigate easily around your website, and be attracted by great pictures. When they leave the website, they must want to tell others about its amazing products, and how great it will be to do business with the company.

A Website adds Credibility to your Business

People are tired of being hurt by flight-by-night companies, and are looking for businesses they can trust. Placing testimonials in your website will go a long way to reassuring potential clients. People can’t argue with such facts, and they speak volumes. This has a snow-ball effect, when your professional services confirm what is on the website, and clients are spreading the news by word-of-mouth.

On the Internet, the Size of your Business does not matter

No one can gauge from the website how large your business really is. What does matter is the ranking of your website with Google, and there is nothing to stop you, via some adjusting with SEO work, to outrank a massive, international company, and in this way, make some of their business flow your way. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is the name of an activity which attempts to enhance a website’s visibility in Google Search by boosting search rankings for a website without using search adverts. Websites certainly have a way of levelling the playing field.

Websites proclaim the Message 24/7

Think of the old days, when you placed an advert in the newspaper for that bicycle you wanted to sell. You paid for a two-day advert, and then it was over. But websites are permanently active, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. This makes life for potential clients extremely convenient, because they are not restricted to office hours in viewing your website. Sales can increase enormously if the website has an online shop. Online shopping has become a major feature in the market place.

Marketing Strategies via the Website

Having a business website online, means that the use of online marketing strategies is vital. Many online, successful marketing strategies are available, but choose one that best fits your line of business.

Enhancing Online Presence – using Keywords

What is online presence? Web or online presence comprises the totality of the online existence of an individual or a business. A website is just part of it. How does one enhance online presence? A website is just the start – you need to start building the online presence using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). SEO to a website is like air to our lungs – without it, there is no life. Using additional social marketing synergy or intercommunication can also boost online presence.  

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