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  • 10 Nov

How to Start your own Web Hosting Reseller Business?

In our modern world, a business needs a website, and for it to be connected to the Internet, it needs to be hosted on some disk space on a server, which is provided and managed by a web hosting company. This is web hosting in a nutshell. A server is a computer that controls access to a central resource.

Instead of having to invest large sums of money and requiring lots of expertise to become a web hosting company, you can buy reseller web hosting packages instead.  

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller web hosting is a type of web hosting. The owner of a web account of a server that belongs to a web hosting company has been allotted by the web hosting company a certain amount of disk space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of other clients (third parties). Bandwidth is the name given to a range of frequencies occurring within a band, when sending a signal. This owner, as reseller, buys the services of the web hosting company at wholesale price, and then resells to third-party clients for a profit.  

So, to start your own web hosting company, via reselling, these are the steps to follow.

Select the Correct Reseller Hosting Package

By selecting the right reseller web hosting plan, you will be able to use the server resources at wholesale, after which you can provide them to your clients according to their requirements. Carefully examine all that the hosting plan has to offer, before committing to any purchase.

Ensure the Web Hosting Company has a Good Track Record

You need to establish via independent reviews and client testimonies as well as other good ‘track record’ evidence that the company that is offering you a reseller hosting package has an excellent reputation. The upside of this is that your reseller hosting business will benefit from the great name of the web hosting company that is selling you the reseller hosting package, but the reverse can also be true.

For example, Afrihost sells a PHP reseller hosting package at R490 pm. The set-up of this package is free, and it enjoys 24/7 priority support. Server administration includes a web host manager, with unlimited domains. The security system consists of 24/7 server monitoring, a firewall, anti-spam and anti-virus software, backed by UPS power (uninterrupted power supply), and power generators. A firewall is a system created to stop unauthorised access to a network. Spam consists of irrelevant and unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, usually in large numbers, for the aim of spreading e.g. malware.

Finally, server security access is included. By having such a package with Afrihost, their well-known name and reputation would rub off onto your business. You are backed by their services, which saves you a lot of additional stress, which you don’t need when starting off.

You need to advertise to your Clients

After purchasing a reseller hosting package, you need to sell hosting plans that will attract clients.  One example to attract clients is to offer free services, especially if those services are being charged for by large hosting companies. Setting up a website as well as the accompanying SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services could all be offered for free.  

Back to reality – How much Experience is Needed?

Besides reseller web hosting, many have started web hosting as such, with the greatest enthusiasm, but have ended up in failure. Experience is what will carry you through in such a situation.

Finally, it’s not the end of the world if you have no web hosting experience at all, because a reseller hosting package could be a viable option for you.

Check out the Market Place

Before you even think of starting a web hosting company, or taking on that reseller hosting package, make sure that there is sufficient demand out there in the market place for what you are intending to offer. Reality is reality.


Apart from starting a reseller hosting package, before going into any web hosting activity, you need to do some serious homework concerning finances.

Afrihost sells a PHP reseller hosting package at R490 pm, but if you do get hold of a free one elsewhere, please make sure why it is free.

Humble Beginnings

They say you must first learn to walk before you can run. This applies to you starting off your reseller hosting business rather locally and not get too adventurous and thinly spread with either national or international clients.

The Key Success Factor – Excellent Client Service

No matter how great your marketing strategies are, and how extensive a web hosting infrastructure you may have, if you do not have a superb, professional client service, your company won’t make it. It does actually make great sense. Your company’s success is totally dependent on a group of human beings, who interact with your company and pay you for it. If those people start falling away because of late response times to crises, then where are you? It is essential that a dedicated, open, 24/7 communication channel be set up, so that clients can be helped immediately when facing a crisis. Your attitude towards your clients goes a long way, even when things are going wrong.

One can learn from Afrihost’s professional client service – at the PriceCheck & E-Commerce Awards ceremony in September 2017, Afrihost received the award in the “Best Customer Service” category, with Bidorbuy, and as the two other nominees.

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