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Affordable Voice, Mobile Data and SMS

Air Mobile offers you the best voice, mobile data and SMS solutions - so there is bound to be one to suit your specific lifestyle and needs. Experience pure mobile joy!

Air Mobile Prepaid
Get 1GB FREE data every month*
Starting from R10.00 once-off
Air Mobile Monthly
Contract-free voice, data and SMS
Starting from R109pm
Air Mobile Data Only
The cheapest out-of-bundle mobile data
Starting from R30pm

* 1GB FREE Mobile Data Promotion. You will get 1GB free mobile data every month. You have to log into the Afrihost App every month to claim your free data - if you fail to do so, your free data will be forfeited for that month. Afrihost reserves the right to revise, extend or stop this promotion at any time.


What’s the difference between our products?

Best for
Package type
Starting price
Effective per GB
Data Lasts
Top up rollover
Free GB every
Includes Monthly
Includes Monthly Airtime
Send / recieve data
Send / recieve data
Load airtime/data
when needed
100MB data for R10
±25 minutes for R25
60 days
60 days
Get monthly
airtime and data
±40 minutes + 1GB
data for R109pm
End of the
following month
End of the
following month
Data Only
Wi-fi devices and
500MB data for
End of the
following month
End of the
following month

We've got you covered

Air Mobile runs MTN's Bozza Network

National Footprint
Our network has expansive coverage in all major cities, towns and on national roads. Powered by The MTN network, we're everywhere you are!
LTE Technology
Our network is LTE capable in major centres, ensuring that you get the absolute best speeds available - at no extra cost.
Best Mobile Network 2 Years Running
MTN was voted Best Mobile Network in South Africa two years running by MyBroadband on 14 January 2019. Air Mobile runs on the MTN Network and thus we are also able to offer clients the Best Mobile Network in South Africa! Read the MyBroadband article for more.

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