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Priority support.

LTE failover.

Backup power.

Mesh WiFi.

52 534 people just like you rate us the best ISP in South Africa.
4.6 Google rating.

Selva Naidoo

6 months ago

I was assisted by Afrihost on WhatsApp by an agent who was patient and understanding which resulted in me sorting the problem with my internet connection. Highly recommend this Service Provider.

Tumelo Phineas

8 months ago

I love Afrihost. Their service is one of the rarest. All consultants are very friendly and kind, they're very responsive and forever ensures you understand they are working to resolve what your issues are by constantly checking in on the customer. I requested for an immediate call back service at 22:11 and the a lady called me immediately. I thought it was a hoax but everything they say about their reputation as a company and the level of service they offer, I'm glad to say that they're 110% correct. You can't go wrong, I am a living and breathing happy client ✨️ 🤗❤️

Justin Brooker

2 years ago

Amazing customer service and quick in and out for collecting a router. Staff are all super friendly and ready to help. Much better experience than majority other ISPs around.

Master Jiraiya

1 month ago

Perfect connectivity 10/10! The Internet speeds is very reliable even for gaming and overall power usage. Definitely the best I've ever used so far.

Sandy Gaddin

1 year ago

Always receive outstanding service from Afrihost. The most efficient I've ever received. All staff are well trained, knowledgeable & friendly. Other service provider companies in SA could learn so much from Afrihost

Miguel Heuvel

1 month ago

I have received amazing service from Afrihost, the agents are friendly and have been very clear and concise. It's a pleasure doing business with an ISP like Afrihost.

Priority support
5 numbers
Uncapped LTE failover
TP-Link MR600 router
Back-up power
Mesh WiFi
Chat to CEO via WhatsApp
Priority support
5 numbers
Uncapped LTE failover
TP-Link MR600 router
Back-up power
1x 8800mAh UPS
Mesh WiFi
Chat to CEO via WhatsApp
Priority support
10 numbers
Uncapped LTE failover
TP-Link MR600 router
Back-up power
3x 8800mAh UPS
Mesh WiFi
2 WiFi points
Chat to CEO via WhatsApp

Priority WhatsApp support.

Priority phone support.

Priority call back.

With over 23 years of experience.
Along the way we've grown from zero, won ISP of the Year multiple times and learnt the hard way how an ISP should be run.
No contracts.No paperwork.
All packages are month to month, you can change your mind at any time and if youdon't love us you can leave whenever you want.
We just do things better.
At Afrihost we LOVE our clients. We LOVE technology. And we LOVE making things better. Better speeds, better systems and better service.
Reliable infrastructure.
Afrihost servers are high powered racks with the latest components and located in a state of the art data centre.
We’re taking exceptional service to the max.
With Afrihost Max you’ll get priority access to our support platforms, plus you can add additional hardware to ensure you stay connected even during Fibre outages or loadshedding.

All Afrihost Max packages offer Priority Support - where you’ll get priority access
to support on WhatsApp, calls and callbacks.

Max Uptime adds Uncapped LTE and back-up power via UPS to make sure that you stay connected, no matter what. With Max VIP you’ll get 2 additional UPS devices, 2 Mesh WiFi points to extend your WiFi range, plus exclusive access to chat directly to our CEO via WhatsApp.

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You're in good hands.
Award-winning service.
5x Broadband ISP of the Year Winner.
Most wins by an ISP
Awarded by MyBroadband
2x Best ISP Industry Winner.
Ask Afrika Orange Index
Awarded by Ask Afrika
3x IT Person of the Year Winner.
Afrihost CEO Gian Visser
Awarded by MyBroadband

Max Support.

Can you sign up for multiple Max Support packages?

No, we only allow a maximum of 1 sign up per legal entity (business or individual).

How often can you change the numbers associated with Max Support?

You can change the numbers once a week.

Please note, in rare cases it may take up to 15 minutes for the number change to reflect, but in most cases changes will reflect immediately.

What support platforms qualify for priority support?
  • WhatsApp.
  • Calls.
  • Callbacks.