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*The FREE domain registration is only applicable if you take a, .site, .online, .store or .tech domain with shared hosting packages. Additional registration costs will be incurred if you sign up for a premium domain.

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Alena Coetzee

10 months ago

I'm very pleased with the whatsapp support I received from Gershom M. He was patient, clear, precise and did not give up until I was back on internet. I can recommend Afrihost for there exceptional aftercare.

Niki Hodson

1 year ago

Great customer service with exceptionally easy upgrade, relocation and migration processes. The app is also pleasant to use. I've never had a contract issue or serious functionality problem since getting fibre with Afrihost several years ago. They communicate when there are minor issues and they resolve them quickly. Also, the contract prices are very good.

Cheryl Cawthorn

5 months ago

My very first interaction with Afrihost and my am I a happy chappy. That is definately an understatement. I am rather techno challenged, I have recently signed up with Afrihost, you are able to communicate with them via whatsapp. I did so and shortly after I sent my msg, Nompumelelo responded. She showed me where I could find my information that I was looking for and then continued to check to see that I was assisted. Imagine me, an older lady from the stix that is techno challenged and they were able to help me in no time. I am impressed. Thank you Afrihost.

Janine Slome

1 year ago

Afrihost has definitely got the most dynamic and outstanding customer experience in SA. Fibre issues are dealt with efficiently. In this day and age I have yet to find another organization that could compete with their excellence! Special mention to Boston for his kindness and efficiency.

Karin Mathews

1 year ago

It is just a pleasure to make use of Afrihost WhatsApp assistance. The operator understood what I was looking for and could point me into the right direction - no problem

sean pienaar

5 months ago

No ISP is perfect, but I've enjoyed good service from Afrihost for years and it seems to me they genuinely seek out continual improvement and I appreciate that.

All linux packages.


Storage space
1 000 MB
Email accounts
MySQL databases


Storage space
2 000 MB
Email accounts
MySQL databases


Storage space
3 000 MB
Email accounts
MySQL databases

Bronze Pro.

Storage space
4 000 MB
Email accounts
MySQL databases

Silver Pro.

Storage space
10 000 MB
Email accounts
2 000
MySQL databases

Gold Pro.

Storage space
20 000 MB
Email accounts
5 000
MySQL databases

Platinum Pro.

Storage space
50 000 MB
Email accounts
MySQL databases


Free domain. | .site | .store | .tech
Web traffic.
Get unlimited web traffic.
Latest PHP.
Latest version supported by the website control panel.
Website builder.
Automatically install web applications to your site.
Website control panel.
Manage your website from one central place.
Mellanox switches.
High-performing, reliable ethernet switches.
Free setup.
No additional setup fees.
Domain registration.
Secure your own unique space on the web, starting from only R97.00 pm.
Search domains
With over 23 years of experience.
Along the way we've grown from zero, won ISP of the Year multiple times and learnt the hard way how an ISP should be run.
No contracts. No paperwork.
All packages are month to month, you can change your mind at any time and if you don't love us you can leave whenever you want.
We just do things better.
At Afrihost we LOVE our clients. We LOVE technology. And we LOVE making things better. Better speeds, better systems and better service.
Reliable infrastructure.
Afrihost servers are high powered racks with the latest components and located in a state of the art data centre.
Stable, affordable
and powerful.
Host your site on the world’s favourite open source platform! Easy signup, reliable performance and easy management through ClientZone and the Website Control Panel. It really is that easy!

If you’re new to the world of web hosting, our Linux packages are the best place to start. Even though our prices will barely scratch your budget, you’ll still receive a powerful web hosting platform to host your web content and your email. Using the Website Control Panel you can easily configure your hosting to deliver on your needs. We also use Softaculous to easily install Wordpress (for FREE blogging or website creation) or Joomla (for the more advanced), with unlimited web traffic at your disposal.

We also offer FREE, .site, .online, .store or .tech domain registration, which means you can easily start setting up your customer email addresses in the Website Control Panel and get your new internet venture off the ground.

And best of all - it won’t cost an arm and a leg

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Afrihost CEO Gian Visser
Awarded by MyBroadband

Getting started with shared hosting.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the process of renting space and bandwidth through a company so that your website will be online. It means that you can publish your website so that anybody in the world can visit your website on the Web.

You can either pay a web hosting company for your website hosting or you can opt for free hosting. If you go for free hosting then you will have banner ads or pop-ups on your website. If you pay you will have no adverts and will be in complete control of your website.

Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting?

In order to decide whether to go for Linux or Microsoft hosting you will have to identify what your website requirements are.

If you need to support Microsoft products such as, ASP, MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server or VBScript, then Windows hosting would be better.

Linux is generally a more popular option because of its affordability, stability, and many features. Linux supports PHP, Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CGI Scripts with access via a control panel.

Both Linux and Windows servers are reliable, stable, and secure. Generally, however, more viruses are written to attack Windows servers than Linux servers. If you need to host on a Windows Server ensure that your web hosting company continually upgrades their Windows and Linux servers with the latest fixes and patches available.

Should I simply choose the cheapest web hosting company?

We do not believe that you should simply go for the cheapest web hosting offered. The simple fact is that a web hosting company needs to make enough money to provide a decent level of technical support and service. If a web hosting package seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Our aim is simply to deliver the best web hosting ever that will delight all of our clients. This obviously entails many aspects, many of which cost money.

We employ dedicated Client Services consultants to ensure the best local telephonic support possible.

We have monitoring systems to ensure that if our servers crash we will know about it instantly.

We have remote reboot devices to ensure that if our servers crash we will be able to get them up and running asap.

We simply do not compete on price for the service we offer. We know that there are many many cheaper options available. We do believe that the Web Hosting we provide is not a commodity and is good value at the price we charge.

The simple truth is that if we could offer our hosting services at much cheaper prices but we would then have to cut back on many of our support, bandwidth, and server offerings. We could not then ensure top-notch service and reliability. And these are non-negotiables for us.

General questions.

Does it make a difference what type of computer I use?

No. You can design your website on any type of computer you want. The important thing is what your web hosting account can support. So for example if your computer has Windows you can still host your website on a Linux server. Even websites that are designed using Microsoft FrontPage using FrontPage extensions can be hosted on certain Linux Hosting options.

Will there be advertising such as banner ads or pop-ups on my website?

No. You are paying for your own webspace and you are in complete control of what you put on your website. If you want to put ads on your site you can – but it is your choice completely.

Do I need to choose Windows hosting if I use Microsoft Windows on my computer?

Just because you use Microsoft Windows on your computer does NOT mean that you need to host on a Windows hosting package. Windows for your home computer is completely different from a Windows server. Even if you use Microsoft FrontPage or FrontPage extensions to design your website, you can still use either Linux or Windows hosting as long as your chosen package supports FrontPage.

Domain hosting vs. domain registration.

What is the difference between registering a domain and hosting a domain?

A domain is an ‘address’ on the internet and hosting is the ‘space’ where the website files are stored.

What is a domain?

A domain name is a set of letters and numbers which make up the web address of your website. Our domain name is Our web address is

To have your own specific website address you need to register your own domain name.

What is domain registration?

Domain registration is the act of signing up for a web address that someone can search for on the internet. The domain name may be your business name, your blog page, or even an online store.

This domain is in a word format and readable to humans such as A domain name is an easy-to-remember website name. The web address can then be accessed directly or with an internet browser and the user will be directed to the web page.

Registration secures the domain name for future use, registering the domain name only does not include hosting services but does give you full access to DNS pointing to any IP address, depending on your specific requirements.

A domain name can also be reserved for future use, also known as domain parking.

What is domain hosting?

Afrihost offers two shared hosting options, Linux or Windows shared hosting packages or dedicated hosting packages.

For more information on our dedicated packages please contact our sales team for a dedicated solution.