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4.6 Google rating.

Sheila Moonsamy

2 years ago

Thank you Afrihost for professional and efficient service. Your whatsapp service is a great help for us technically challenged senior citizens. Thank You

Neelam Lala

1 year ago

I've been with Afrihost for just over a year now and I've had no issues with them thus far. The one issue I had recently was resolved in minutes. I do recommend Afrihost as a service provider.

Kyle Tamblyn

2 years ago

I've been with Afrihost for about 9 years in different forms. I took out their early mobile data solution and always had good service. I was also on their web hosting solution for a while with great service and helpful agents. We now have our family's data plans through Afrihost as well as our Fiber. There is no company more dedicated to being helpful - even if their side has issues. What I really appreciate is that they run an open com's line for their issues. Instead of you having to ask if there is something wrong, check their website and the status of the connection of your area, or your data, or your product. Afrihost is brilliant.

matchuelM mashamaite

2 years ago

This company truly figured out self service and Exceptional service delivery and product offering in the in the 21st century! they do it soo well its impressive!! may they educate more of their partners and people around them how its done in the cutting edge tech era like this 21st century!! i wish you many more prosperous service offering days Afrihost!! you truly are a beacon of hope to small businesses like mine!! keep up the brilliant service!

Teri Webster

2 years ago

Just moved across to Afrihost. Excellent service and very painless. Prefer the online comms as one gets answered quickly and not like left on hold / call cut off like other companies.

Joni Ledgerwood

2 years ago

I just had the best chat experience ever with Afrihost WhatsApp chat with a Lady called Nkosana. She answered every question fully, she explained things that I didn't understand. I'm exceptionally pleased with Afrihost as a product and with regard to their service. Thank Nkosana and Afrihost!