How Airtime Works

For Month‑to‑Month Afrihost Mobile Packages

Our airtime works in a way that’s somewhere between traditional prepaid and contract mobile plans. We give you airtime at the start of each month up to a threshold of twice your normal monthly airtime. This means that we will keep adding airtime to your account every month, until you reach a threshold of twice your normal monthly amount.

When you first join Afrihost Mobile, you will receive airtime for the month pro-rata.

The below example uses R100.00 as the normal monthly airtime allocation

Normal Months
Airtime Allocation
R100.00 Airtime Loaded
R50.00 gets used during the month
Airtime Carryover
R50.00 Airtime Remains
R50.00 gets Carried Over
Months with Airtime Carryover
Airtime Allocation
R100.00 Airtime Loaded
R30.00 gets used during the month
Airtime Carryover
R120.00 Airtime Remains
R120.00 gets Carried Over
Reaching the Threshold
Airtime Allocation
R80.00 Airtime Loaded
To reach your threshold of R200.00

Topups also contribute to your airtime threshold.
1 If your carryover airtime plus your monthly airtime allocation together exceed the threshold, you will only receive airtime up to the threshold amount.
You can have more airtime loaded on your account than the rollover limit, however you will only start receiving new airtime monthly again once you are below the threshold.


How Data Works

For Month‑to‑Month Afrihost Mobile Packages

1st 25th 31st
10GBs Monthly Allocation
5GBs Topup
1st 31st
10GBs Monthly Allocation
Previous Month 5GBs Topup
10GBs Monthly Allocation
10GBs Monthly Allocation
5GBs Topup
Monthly Data
Our mobile data works the same way you've become accustomed to with our other broadband products. You have a month within which to use your monthly allocation. Monthly data not used by the start of the next cycle is forfeited.
Topup Data
Topups are valid from when they are purchased, until the end of the following month. This means that depending on when you buy a data topup, it could be valid for up to a maximum of two months.

How Auto‑Limit Works

Auto-Limit is enabled by default on all new Afrihost Mobile Month-to-Month packages and works for Voice and Data

You get Airtime and Data every month based on your Afrihost Mobile package. Auto-Limit applies to your Airtime and Data separately.
When you run out of Airtime or Data we automatically top you up in increments. You can set custom amounts for Airtime and Data Individually.
We keep topping you up 'til you reach your Auto-Limit. Auto-Limit is on by default, but you can disable it anytime or choose Out‑of‑Bundle instead (Data Only)
If you want more Airtime or Data once you've hit your Auto-Limit, you can increase your Auto-Limit or just manually Top Up.
Default Auto-Limit Values
Your Package Data Increment* Data Auto‑Limit* Airtime Increment* Airtime Auto‑Limit*
Mobile XS 250MBs 1GB R25.00 R100.00
Mobile S 500MBs 2GBs R25.00 R200.00
Mobile M 500MBs 3GBs R25.00 R300.00
Mobile L 1GB 5GBs R25.00 R400.00
Mobile XL 1GB 6GBs R50.00 R500.00
Mobile 2XL 1GB 7GBs R50.00 R750.00
Mobile 3XL 2GBs 8GBs R50.00 R1000.00
Mobile 4XL 2GBs 10GBs R50.00 R1500.00
  • For Data, you also have the option of switching to Out-of-Bundle if you prefer. Rates are charged at 10c per MB - The Cheapest Out-of-Bundle rates in South Africa!
  • The table indicates the default amounts, which can be changed at your discretion via ClientZone or the Afrihost App.
  • Auto-Limit can be turned off at your discretion via ClientZone or the Afrihost App.

Manage It All from our App (or ClientZone)

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App Store
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Google Play


Will the previous Afrihost Mobile Data SIMs be able to do voice calls as well?

Unfortunately the two SIM cards are setup on completely different platforms. For now there is no way to migrate the SIMs from one platform to the other, however we are working towards being able to do this in future. We can unfortunately at this time not comment on when or if this will definitely be possible.

What happens to my Balances when I move from Afrihost Mobile Month‑to‑Month to Prepaid?

Any Airtime, Data and SMSes left over will be usable in accordance with their individual applicable expiry dates.

What happens to my Airtime, Data and SMSes when I move from my current provider to Afrihost?

You will lose all Airtime, Data, SMS bundles as well as other credits held with with your current Service Provider. Any messages you have saved on your old SIM Card (SMS, MMS & Voice) will also be lost.

What happens to my Balances when I opt‑in from MTN Prepaid to the Afrihost Service

You will retain any airtime you currently have with the MTN Prepaid service, along with data and sms bundles. These will expire according to their original criteria and not be influenced by the Afrihost Service offering.

How does Billing work?

On Sign Up
When you sign up an Afrihost Mobile Month‑to‑Month product, you will be billed immediately for the Pro‑Rated amount based on the package you have chosen. When you activate your service (even if this is a few days later), you will receive the Airtime and Data allocations based on the Pro‑Rata charge incurred.

What If I activate my service in a different month to my Purchase?
If there are delays in activating your service, like for example if it takes a while to port over, and you only end up activating your afrihost services in the next month – we will apply a credit for the amount you were originally billed to your account, which will be used towards your next invoice, which will only occur when the service is activated and charged on a Pro‑Rated basis also.

What Payment Methods are Available?

We recommend signing up with a 3D‑Secure Compliant Mastercard or a Verified by VISA enabled card. This is the most secure method to pay for your account and topups. You will also receive your topup allocations immediately. Unfortunately Visa and Mastercard cards that are not set up for 3D‑Secure or Verified by Visa will not be accepted as at this time.

There is a limited support for Debit Orders. However – Please note that in some cases it can take up to 5 days for a Debit Order to clear. We can only allocate airtime, data or SMSes to your account once we are 100% sure that your payment has cleared. Using a 3D‑Secure Mastercard or Verified by VISA card will help you avoid this delay.

EFT Payments and Cash Deposits are NOT accepted.
Afrihost cannot be held liable for any issues arising from the use of invalid payment methods.

How do I enable International Roaming?

International Roaming will be enabled by default on all Afrihost‑Purchased SIM Cards.

Activation and De‑Activation of the service can be managed by calling the MTN Call Centre on 808.

Existing Data and SMS Bundles do not apply internationally and all transactions will be deducted from your Airtime Balance.

The rates will be the exact same as specified on the MTN Roaming Page, available here.

You will also need to ensure that your APN (Access Point) is set to the default and not 'Afrihost' when roaming.

How can I check my airtime and data usage?

You can easily check your Airtime and Data usage at any time through ClientZone or via our Mobile App available on Android and iOS.

Visit ClientZone Get the Afrihost App

How do I top up my airtime and data?

01. Log into your ClientZone or our Mobile App available on Android and iOS.

02. Select the Mobile section.

03. Navigate to the mobile package you'd like to Top up.

04. Choose the Topup Type & Amount and finalise the transaction.

Visit ClientZone Get the Afrihost App

Do Topups carry over into the new month?

Airtime Topups
Our airtime works according to standard MTN airtime rules. You get two different kinds of airtime – Evergreen and Expiring. Evergreen will stay active as long as your SIM card is kept from going dormant. Expiring airtime will expire at the date specified, unless new expiring airtime gets added to your account – in which case all the expiring airtime will only expire on the new date.

All our Auto‑Limit and Manual Topups are Evergreen. Other types of topups may however not be.

Mobile Data Topups
Yes, they do. All Data Topups purchased will expire at the end of the NEXT month. For example, if you buy a Data Topup on 5 February, your Topup Data will only expire at midnight on 31 March – giving you even more value.

Is Afrihost Plus+ Available for these Accounts?

YES! Afrihost Plus+ is available for our new Afrihost Mobile Accounts. You can get Double your Monthly Data and more for just R109pm.

Find out more about Afrihost Plus