Terms + conditions.

01. AfriDesign.
  1. Afrihost is a reseller of AfriDesign services and is not liable or responsible for AfriDesign services.
  2. Provision of these services is subject to the AfriDesign terms and conditions, available on their website or on request directly from them on info@afridesign.com.
02. Afrihost Plus+
  1. Afrihost Plus+ is an add-on product that incorporates existing DSL and Mobile Connectivity products. Where DSL, Mobile or General Terms conflict with these Terms, it will be assumed to refer to products and services where Afrihost Plus+ is not active, and the terms contained in this section will apply only where Afrihost Plus has been activated by the client and remains active and paid in full.
  2. The Free Trial period (30 Days) is only applicable to the first signup on each individual ClientZone profile. Any subsequent signups will be billed pro-rata upon signup, as per Payment Terms (General Terms). By signing up for Afrihost Plus+ services, the client expressly binds themselves to the payment terms of Afrihost for future billing, even though the 30 day trial period is not billed.
  3. Accounts linked to Afrihost Plus+ benefits may be changed in ClientZone, but will only take effect at the start of the following month.
  4. Clients on non-standard Capped or Mobile packages (whether standalone or in bundles) may not be eligible for Double Data. Afrihost reserves the right to restrict this feature to packages deemed appropriate and clients may have to amend their product or product bundle to a standard one sold by Afrihost in order to make use of the feature. A non-standard product may be defined as any product not currently offered directly via the Afrihost website, or any product which has been modified in any way, for example, a product which has been modified due to a past promotion and is not directly available via the Afrihost website. Afrihost reserves sole discretion in determining whether any product qualifies for Afrihost Plus+ benefits.
  5. Soft Capping on Capped DSL will restrict throughput on the client’s account to approximately 128kbps when the client’s total data package runs out. This in no way impacts other DSL Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy as this policy is specific to Afrihost Plus+ Services and will not impact Terms for unrelated products or those not linked to an Afrihost Plus+ account. This in no way affects Afrihost’s general claims that DSL services are not throttled, which refer to general DSL and Mobile services which are excluded from this section of Afrihost’s terms.
  6. Where Afrihost Plus+ services are unpaid, all benefits and additional data will be suspended or locked until payment is received in full (as per Afrihost’s Payment Terms). Should the associated or other products be paid up, services to these products will remain unaffected and only the portion of the service or data relating to Afrihost Plus+ will be suspended.
03. Device warranty and refunds.
  1. Afrihost has a 7-day device return policy. Devices can be returned for any reason during this period. Returned units must be in the same condition as shipped (including all shipped packaging, parts and accessories) to be eligible for a refund or exchange. Returns that are incomplete or not in shipped condition will not be replaced with new units or be only partially replaced with refurbished or repurposed items.
  2. The first return will be arranged and paid by Afrihost (including collection and delivery of unit or replacement). Additional exchanges or returns will be for the client’s cost, and Afrihost will not be liable to reimburse any costs. This will in no way impact the continued warranty provisions, and only relates to courier charges and logistics.
  3. All manufacturer's warranties, for the repair or replacement of faulty units will be available to the client. The warranty is limited to items covered by the manufacturer only. The warranty does not cover lightning damage or any damage deemed to have been caused by the client's misuse or mistreatment of the product (including damage due to improper return shipping of the product for exchange).
  4. In the case of mobile devices, using incorrectly sized SIM cards, and any physical damage as a result, is deemed to be improper use or abuse of the product. This effectively voids the manufacturer’s warranty (and protection plan where applicable) and therefore will not be exchanged or returned. This further extends to the use of unapproved accessories or modifications which effectively void the warranty on the product. In such circumstances, Afrihost will not be liable to repair or replace any such devices and no further correspondence will be entered into once the device is deemed to be out of warranty.
  5. Repair or replacement of devices out of warranty will not be facilitated by Afrihost, unless the client is purchasing a new replacement device. This will also apply to the use of accessories (such as external antennae) or modifications which are not supported by the manufacturer and effectively void the warranty.
  6. Afrihost reserves the right to replace a router with a refurbished unit, which will be provided under existing warranty conditions.
  7. Failure to abide by Afrihost's policy can result in deductions to the claimed refund or rejection of claims for refund or exchange.
  8. Afrihost will not be liable for any damage to your router or any other electronic devices resulting from the incorrect use of PoE (Power over Ethernet) with any UPS that we stock. Any damage resulting from the incorrect use of PoE will void the manufacturer’s warranty on your Afrihost router.
04. Go-Fish Client Catchers.
  1. Afrihost is a reseller of GoFish Client Catchers' Services and is not liable or responsible for GoFish Client Catchers' Services.
  2. Provision of these services is subject to the GoFish terms and conditions, available here: http://www.gofishclientcatcher....
05. Protection Plan for Mobile Data SIMs.
  1. Afrihost will repair or replace defective or damaged units (as a result of normal wear and tear), which only includes the SIM (devices are not covered under the protection plan).
  2. This is not insurance: Afrihost will not replace stolen or destroyed units. In order to claim, the client must provide Afrihost with the defective unit.
  3. Protection Plan cancellations need to be made before the 23rd of the month in which clients wish to cancel. Any cancellation after the 23rd will go into effect at the end of the following month.
  4. There are no limits to the amount of times a client can claim.
  5. One Protection Plan covers 1 Afrihost SIM. If a client has multiple Afrihost issued SIMs, each will need its own individual Protection Plan.
  6. Delivery of repaired or replacement units within two business days is not guaranteed but generally attainable in major centres. If not in a prime coverage area, it might take a day or two extra to be delivered. Deliveries take place during business hours on weekdays. Weekends are excluded from all time calculations.
  7. Protection Plans will exclude claims arising from negligence or where damage to a unit is wilful or contrary to the reasonable use of the product. For example, use of incorrectly sized SIM cards (and resultant damage caused by removing such SIMS) will be considered improper use and will not be covered by the plan. Such use is also not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty (for warranty claims) and therefore falls outside of any agreement with Afrihost.