The basic idea.

In general we offer sponsorships in the way of free Afrihost services like Fibre data and line rental, DSL data and line rental, mobile data and devices or web hosting.

Our sponsorships are granted on a six month renewable basis, so that we can catch up on how well it’s worked.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply for sponsorship as this is open to the public, whether you are an Afrihost client or not. However, we assess each case based on merits.

We generally prefer to sponsor non-profit organisations, or community programs that have social upliftment value. We do also sponsor “commercial” ventures, such as websites and blogs, but these applications will be assessed on proposed reciprocal value, in terms of brand exposure. So if you have a big idea and need some help getting started, we’re open to hearing your pitch.

We do not currently offer any gaming related sponsorships, as we currently sponsor the community at large through other activities in the sector.

Why do we offer sponsorships?

Sometimes you just need someone to believe in you. Afrihost would not be what it is today if one person didn’t believe in us, and then convinced one other person to do the same.

We’d like to help upcoming social development projects and charities as much as we can to help make South Africa a better place for everyone in it. We believe that if life improves for some of us, it will eventually improve for all of us.

We also support upcoming entrepreneurs, because we believe the spirit of entrepreneurship is a cornerstone of what makes South Africa a great country with great potential, and we’re happy to pay forward on our own success.

The types of sponsorships we offer.

All sponsorships are offered on a 6 month renewable basis and may be terminated at the expiry of the sponsorship period. Successful applicants must also accept a Sponsorship Guidelines Agreement as Brand Ambassadors and agree to a Code of Conduct contained therein.

  • DSL data and line rental.

  • Fibre data and line rental.

  • Mobile data and mobile devices.

  • Web hosting.