Mobile Wi-Fi APN Setup

Configure your Mobile Wi-Fi device to use Air Mobile Data

Get Started
Mobile Wi-Fi Devices
  • 1Insert your SIM card into the Mobile Wi-Fi Device.
  • 2Open your Wi-Fi settings on your computer or tablet and connect to the Mobile Wi-Fi device network.
  • 3Open your web browser and type into your address bar.
  • 4Use these login details:
    Username - admin
    Password - admin
  • 5Navigate to the settings section and click on the APN tab.**
  • 6Enter afrihost into the APN field and click save.*
  • * IMPORTANT: Ensure all letters are lowercase and there are NO spaces before or after 'afrihost'
  • ** This function is not available on a mobi site, make sure to use your computer or tablet to log in
Verify APN Settings
Once your device is set up, you can verify that you are on the Air Mobile Network.
Verify Now