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Afrihost T&Cs

Terms & Conditions

Fibre Broadband

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Your attention is drawn in particular to clauses rendered in these terms. What follows is a summary for your convenience and does not form part of the agreement between you and Afrihost. It is your responsibility to read the clauses referred to:

  • Further documents are also applicable to these terms (clause 2).
  • Fibre speeds are provided on a "best-effort" basis, subject to the last-mile partners’ line constraints and demand on the Afrihost network at any given point.
  • You consent to Afrihost monitoring your traffic data for accounting purposes and to ensure the Afrihost system is operating properly (clause 7.1).
  • Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability (clause 9).
  • Transfer of data is only available between Afrihost clients. Afrihost will be under no obligation to transfer data to external users.
  • Afrihost Data is valid until the end of the month of purchase. Afrihost will rollover unused data for an additional calendar month proactively.
  • Afrihost Fibre is also marketed as Pure Fibre. The terms Afrihost Fibre amd Pure Fibre may be used interchangeably.

Line Faults and Repairs

  1. Afrihost will be entitled to assume that the Fibre Line provisioned to a Client is in good working order until such time as the Client advises Afrihost Support of any problems or service breaks.
  2. Any faults or service interruption should be reported via one of the channels available on the afrihost website.
  3. The last mile provider will attend to faults reported by the Client during office hours and the relevant party will apply its reasonable endeavours to have the Fibre service restored in the shortest possible time.

Applicable Documents

  1. The provision of Afrihost's Fibre Services are subject to Terms and Conditions.
  2. The following legal documents accordingly apply to the provision of Afrihost Fibre Services and are binding on any subscriber to such service:
    1. Afrihost's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), available on the Afrihost Website;

    2. Each last mile provider's Standard Terms and Conditions for the provision of Services.

      1. Balwin Fibre - Standard Terms and Conditions

      2. Blitz Fibre - Standard Terms and Conditions

      3. Century City Connect - Standard Terms and Conditions

      4. Clear Access - Standard Terms and Conditions

      5. Connectivity Services at Steyn City - Standard Terms and Conditions

      6. Evotel - Standard Terms and Conditions

      7. Frogfoot Networks - Standard Terms and Conditions

      8. MetroFibre - Standard Terms and Conditions

      9. Mitsol - Standard Terms and Conditions

      10. Netstream - Standard Terms and Conditions

      11. Octotel - Standard Terms and Conditions

      12. Openserve - Standard Terms and Condition

      13. Purple Forest - Standard Terms and Conditions

      14. Rise Telecoms - Standard Terms and Conditions

      15. SA Digital Villages - Standard Terms and Conditions

      16. Teralink Networks - Standard Terms and Conditions

      17. TT Connect - Standard Terms and Conditions

      18.  Vumatel - Standard Terms and Conditions

  3. Clients and potential clients are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the content of these documents, which are incorporated by reference into these Terms and Conditions.

Service availability and confirmation of service availability

  1. The availability of Fibre Services are subject to the following:
    1. Valid and operational last mile provider service.
  3. Applicants will be advised after receipt of an order as to whether the relevant Fibre service can be provided.

Service Credit

  1. If the Client wishes to make a claim for service downtime, the Client must log a dispute with Afrihost, which will take the matter up with the relevant last mile provider. Any refund will be made to the Client by Afrihost, which has sole discretion whether to accept the Client’s claim. Such credit will exclude any claims for Slow Access, Intermittent Service and any other fault type except No Service faults.
  2. The calculation of time periods for the purpose of calculating any service credit shall only commence upon the reporting of any fault to Afrihost Support.


  1.  Cancellations are made as per the General Terms, and will only be accepted from within ClientZone.
  2. Cancellation of any Fibre service (Data or Line rental) is the Client's responsibility and all tools to effect such cancellation are provided in ClientZone. The Client is responsible for ensuring that such cancellation of service is actioned with due attention to terms of cancellation, as well as cancellation conditions which require the Client to specifically indicate a required process (for example whether an Fibre Line Rental service should be moved back to the last mile provider or cancelled entirely). Should the Client incorrectly complete the cancellation process, Afrihost will not be liable for any additional costs or compensation to the Client due to the error.


  1. Amendments to these terms and conditions will be made as set out in the General Terms.
  2. The Last Mile provider’s Standard Terms and Conditions for the provision of Services also apply to this Service, and may change from time to time. The Client is obliged to check for changes to such terms.

Monitoring of Usage

  1. Afrihost monitors its systems for performance and accounting purposes. The information gained thereby and by any other means may be used to ensure compliance with the Service Terms and our Acceptable Use Policy.

Transfer of Data

  1. Transfer of data is only available between Afrihost clients. Afrihost will be under no obligation to transfer data to external users. Transfer required the ClientZone username of the recipient.
  2. Transfer of data is only available between identical product types. Afrihost will not be obliged to effect transfer where the properties of the transfer product are not compatible with the requested destination product.
  3. Data will be eligible for transfer during both the Initial and Rollover periods. However, once expired, data will no longer be eligible for transfer.
  4. Transfer of Data is only possible between Active accounts. Should either account be suspended, terminated or in any other ineligible state - transfer is not possible. Accounts which are active, but not in good standing, may be determined to be ineligible for transfer at Afrihost’s sole discretion.
  5. Data can only be transferred once, from the initial user to the initial recipient. Thereafter, data is no longer eligible for transfer. 
  6. Once effected, transfers may not be reversed.
  7. Afrihost will effect transfers in increments determined by Afrihost. The incremental amount will both serve as a minimum transfer amount, and then as incremental amounts in which data may be transferred. For mobile data, the minimum and incremental amount is 512MB. Hence the minimum amount for a transfer is 512MB, and thereafter can only be transferred in increments of 512MB until a maximum value is reached in relation to the total amount of data available for transfer by the initial user.


  1. Afrihost offers a notification facility for all Capped Data products. This facility is available in ClientZone.
  2. Clients will be opted-in to Notifications by default, in line with relevant legislation.
  3. Clients may opt-out or customise notifications in ClientZone, and thereafter there will be no obligation or liability on the part of Afrihost should a client not receive such information due to the settings they have chosen.
  4. Afrihost will make every effort to deliver notifications as quickly and accurately as possible. However, Afrihost cannot be held liable for delivery delays or failures that may occur due to external forces outside of their control, such as mobile networks or email providers. Where Afrihost has made a reasonable effort to effect delivery, they will be deemed to have fulfilled their obligation.
  5. The onus is on clients to check their notification settings and amend as required in ClientZone.

Identity Verification Requirements (RICA)

  1. Use of the Services is subject to ID verification and / or proof of address, required by RICA (the Regulation of Interception of Communication Act of 2009). Clients are required to email, fax or upload the relevant documents;
    1. a full coloured, clear, legible copy of their valid Identity Document or Driver's License.
    2. Non-South African citizens may submit a copy of their valid Passport or International Driver's License.
  2. Verification documents must contain photo identification.
  3. Failure to produce ID verification for an account will result in the product not being activated, regardless of any pro-rata amounts billed.
  4. Should the Client cancel all current valid Afrihost Services, ID verification will be required to sign up for new Services. ID verification will not be requested as long as verified Afrihost Services remain active.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

  1. Afrihost accepts no liability for any loss or damage to the property or equipment of the Client arising out of the provision, installation or maintenance of the Fibre service.
  3. Uncapped Fibre data is not throttled or shaped. However, there may be circumstances beyond the control of Afrihost that may vary performance, based on demand, service breakdowns or technical outages. During this time, some services may be affected and not perform optimally. Afrihost will endeavour to improve or optimise services as much as possible during such periods as part of it's duty to deliver the best product experience. This will not consittute shaping or throttling. 

Connect with Afrihost Pure Fibre and Save up to R5000 Offer

  1. Afrihost is offering a One-Time credit for all clients towards costs incurred when signing up for Fibre Broadband with Afrihost. This offer will be available to all signups via the Afrihost website and other selected channels. Until further notice this promotion will also be active through certain direct marketing channels and clients will need to sign up via the aforementioned direct marketing channels to be eligible for the offer. 
  2. The overall amount of up to R5000 can be used to offset installation (selected providers only) and hardware costs should a user sign up for a new Fibre connection, or alternatively should a user wish to change ISPs, we'll credit their Afrihost account to re-imburse them for costs leveraged by their previous ISPs to make the switch to Afrihost. The credit does not include free service, which is calculated separately. Should the total amount of hardware, activation, migration or installation costs exceed the R5000 amount, the remainder will be billed to the customer.
  3. The following fibre providers are EXCLUDED from the installation promo. You will be charged the applicable installation fee for the relevant provider during signup.
    1. Any Frogfoot signup will be charged R997.00 for installation
    2. Any Link Layer signup will be charged R1497.00 for installation
    3. Any Zoom Fibre signup will be charged R1497.00 for installation
    4. Any Lightstruck signup will be charged R999.00 for installation
    5. Any Frogfoot Air signup will be charged R997.00 for installation
    6. Any Route Networks signup will be charged R1497.00 for installation
    7. Any Garden Route Fibre Network signup will be charged R1497.00 for installation
    8. Any Waterfall Access Networks signup will be charged R9543.85 for installation
    9. Any Comtel signup will be charged R1497.00 for installation
    10. Any Open Fibre signup will be charged R1997.00 for installation
    11. Openserve Web Connect is running a free installation promotion until September 2022, after which signups will be charged an installation fee of R2300.00.
  4. The following fibre providers are EXCLUDED from the free WiFi router promo. This is because a WiFi device is already included with the installation at the premises.
    1. Vuma Reach
    2. Openserve Web Connect
    3. FrogFoot Air
  5. It is important to note that R5000 is the overall maximum amount that Afrihost will issue as a credit to users regardless of how it is achieved.
  6. If users sign up for a new connection, the savings will automatically apply on checkout.
  7. If a user is migrating from another ISP, we'll automatically zero-rate migration fees associated with the last-mile provider (i.e. Vumatel, MetroFibre etc.) and then credit their Afrihost account for the termination costs charged by their previous ISP (up to the remaining balance of the R5000 maximum) when they submit a copy of the termination settlement to us.
  8. This offer is available once-off, to one legal entity per address. Should ownership of an address change, the new occupant would become eligible for the offer. Should a legal entity wish to add an additional connection, or cancel and sign up again - this offer will not apply.
  9. The following cancellation policy apply, should a user cancel their Afrihost Fibre less than 6 months from installation, or their account falls into arrears:
    1. A user who received a WiFi router with their Fibre can either return the router to Afrihost at their own cost, or keep the router and pay a cancellation fee of R999.

    2. A user who did not receive a WiFi router with their Fibre will be charged a cancellation fee of R999.

    3. The above mentioned cancellation policy does not apply to Vuma Reach.

  10. We will not credit users, when migrating ISPs, for hardware acquired independently or that is not stated as part of the termination settlement from their previous ISP.
  11. If a user is signing up via one of our Fibre Partner’s websites, they will need to submit substantiating documentation for installation and other costs via the Afrihost ClientZone in order for us to credit their Afrihost account for these costs.
  12. The installation fee includes cabling up to 30 metres. If your installation requires additional cabling, a site survey will be done, after which you will receive a quote from the applicable last-mile provider. Should you choose to proceed, you will be liable for any additional costs incurred. The additional cabling is directly payable to the applicable last-mile provider.
  13. Installation lead times are a guide based on averages and will vary. Line activation and connection times need to be added for full turnaround estimation.
  14. Netstream may, in certain cases, charge you directly for installation. Send the invoice to Afrihost and we will credit your account to cover the installation cost.
  15. TT Connect will do a pre-installation survey to calculate the amount of extra cabling required for your installation. TT Connect will bill you directly if additional cabling is required. This quote needs to be signed by you and paid directly to TT Connect. Once paid, send the invoice and proof of payment to Afrihost and we will credit your account to cover the installation cost.
  16. Afrihost reserves the right to change the promotion at any time. While stocks last. E&OE.

Fibre Hardware

  1.  All hardware provided by last-mile providers will remain property of said last-mile provider into perpetuity.
  2. Should a user cancel their service and not migrate to another ISP on the same last-mile provider, they will be required to return the fibre modem of the last-mile provider as the hardware is provider specific.
  3. Wi-Fi routers provided by Afrihost will remain the property of users upon cancellation (subject to any outstanding fees). Wi-Fi routers can be re-used when switching providers and as such do not need to be returned to us.

Vuma Reach

  1. No Installation Fee
    1. Since Vuma Reach billing is handled by a third party (Payfast), for the order to be accepted the service fee needs to be paid upfront via the payment link sent to clients after successful order placement.
    2. What is included in your free installation?
      1. Routing of the fibre cabling from the connection point to where the fibre ONT/Router will be installed.
      2. 30 meters of fibre cabling from the connection point to the installation point.
      3. The first 30m of the fibre cabling is included in your installation. Should you require more than the 30m cabling the Vuma Reach appointed contractor will assist at a charge of R50 per additional meter.
      4. Up to 5m of trenching at 150 to 200mm depth – not crossing paving, concrete, tiles, tar, or where a self-inflicted fibre break may occur (Including but not limited to pets, people, etc.) White conduit up to a maximum of 5m will be supplied.
      5. Mounting of the fibre device with screws and masonry plugs.
      6. Once the order is accepted, it will take either of the two routes
        1. New installation (No installation at the premises)
        2. Service activation (Existing connection at the premises)
    3. Pro-rata fees will be charged on the 2nd payment of your service. 
    4. Pro-rata fees are determined by the day of activation as well as the number of days left before the new month begins.
  2. Cancellation terms:
    1. The flat-rate cancellation fee does not apply to Vuma Reach services.
    2. Double your money back claim is not applicable to Vuma Reach.
    3. All cancellations must be submitted before our billing run via Client Zone.
      1. It is recommended that all cancellations are submitted on or before the 15th of the month so that the services are cancelled by that Month End
      2. Cancellation submitted on or after billing run will be cancelled the following Month.
    4. When moving premises, the ONT/router is to be left at the old premises because it won’t be usable at the new premises.
  3. Proof of address:
    1. We may require your proof of address if we are unable to plot your address for order placement with Vumatel Reach. We will need: 
      1. Utility bill/municipal bill, lease agreement, and/or proof of purchase is required.
      2. Clothing account statements will not be accepted.
      3. Invoices from different ISPs will not be accepted.
    2. If an address needs to be created, a ticket will be logged for premise creation which takes up to 24-48hrs to be completed.
  4. Active service with another ISP
    1. If you are moving from one ISP to another, please make sure that the line is cancelled and released.
    2. If you are moving into a property or unit with an existing installation, we will need the following to activate the service:
      1. Proof of address.
      2. Patience: after giving us the Proof of Address the premise takes up to 72 hours to clear on Vumatel's system. We can only place the new order thereafter.
    3. By signing up with Afrihost, you give consent for Afrihost to share your contact details with affiliated companies for limited marketing purposes.
  5. Connect with Afrihost Pure Fibre and Save up to R5000 Offer:
    1. Vuma Reach is not part of the Pure Promo
  6. Refunds:
    1. Refunds are accepted for the following reasons:
      1. Area not live, not continue with the order.
  7. Changing Service
    1. Upgrades:
      1. A client can apply for a service change anytime during their current active service period.
      2. The service change request will be queued for activation within approximately 15 mins after the service change order creation.
    2. Payment Options:
      1. The client will not be presented with any payment options. The amount owing of the new service will be debited from their current debit/credit card details that have been captured on the Payfast system on the next recurring billing date.
      2. Please note: The system will execute a termination of the initial service immediately and activate the new upgraded service within approximately 15 mins after the service change order creation.
      3. A downtime window of 15 minutes can be expected between service termination and new service activation.
    3. Payments:
      1. On the next recurring payment date, the amount owing of the new upgraded service will be debited against the clients' debit/credit card.
      2. If this payment on the next recurring payment date is successful, the new service will remain active until the following recurring payment date.
      3. If the payment on the next recurring payment date has failed, the new service will be in a suspended status, and the client will be routed to the Afrihost walled garden. The service will remain in a suspended status for 7 days, pending payment of the new service.
      4. Please note: Service can be suspended up to a maximum of 7 days, with a pending payment, after which the service will be terminated if no successful payment was made.
      5. If payment is made within the 7 days, the suspension will be lifted immediately, and the service will be reactivated.
      6. If the client does not make payment within 7 days the service will be terminated.
    4. Pro-Rata payments:
      1. No Pro-Rata payments will be applicable in this scenario, the billing cycle will continue as per normal, the amount debited will be that of the retail price of the new service.
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