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  • Our team continues to work on getting the network back to its best. The social media team will be back at 8am,Monday!

    2 days ago

  • @mspr1nt You can sign up via our site, we'll request everything on your behalf. -J

    2 days ago

  • @mspr1nt It's quite easy :) If your line is with Telkom we can request a migration tonight for you. You'll also need to sign up data. -J

    2 days ago

Your service was always great and your staff know their product. Hiccups in the last few months were a pain, but now that I know what is going on, I understand. Just as I cannot change my character, so Afrihost cannot change theirs as the company is made up of people (who cannot change their character). I will just give you some time and I know the service will turn back to normal. This is called TRUST.

Andre Scott
20 Nov 2014

Just a Thank You.

Evening, I read alot of negative comments from frustrated people, and come to realize that You guys actually need a Thank You, so here goes:

Thanks for the service that you guys offer, as we all know the multitude of clients you have is high. I know from personal experience, Big business cares little for the small customer. You guys have been helpful, especially when considering technology, User Error, Telkom Error, Impatient Errors” , Well mannered and polite on every account. Thank you for the competitions, 2 for 1 Data and all the nice perks that comes with the advantage of being one of your clients. I have and will continue to recommend you to clients and friends as I believe your service and products are Top Notch. Thank you.

Natasha Delport
20 Nov 2014

Over the last few months there has been so much hate thrown towards Afrihost (especially on their FB page) that I thought I’d give my testimonial. I just received the most open and transparent email from Gian clearly and concisely explaining why there have been issues with network speed. Yes, there have been apparent issues (I have yet to experience these issues) but the fact that Afrihost are willing to play open cards makes me believe that they do have my best interests at heart. Yes, they are a company and yes, they aren’t perfect but I’m happy to stick with them for the simple fact that their attitude and service is exactly what I want from an ISP. Thanks Afrihost. I’m in for the long haul.

Jonathan Baston
20 Nov 2014

I seldom leave testimonials or reviews and believe that if I, or anyone else ever does, it was because they were blown away from the level of service they received (Good or Bad).

I sent through a mail to the support team around 7pm and within 5 minutes received a response from Naeem E.

Naeem (Who seems to be new seeing he or she does not have a pic on the ‘Meet The Team’ page definitely deserves a high 5. Naeem was prompt in responding and was concise and to the point. THIS is vital in support requests. It saves time and leaves the customer, like myself, happy.

Thank you Naeem. People like you are the reason I have stayed with Afrihost for almost 3 years.

11 Nov 2014

A few weeks back I started having issues with my ADSL line which were related to a setting on Telkom’s side. Daniel Smit went above and beyond what I would have ever expected from a support service. He not only gave my issue complete focus but also called me back for several days in a row to update me and understand whether there had been any improvement. Great service and excellent customer focus!!!!!

Eric van Gils
11 Nov 2014

Hassle free, very easy to use, LOVE IT!!!!

CompuData PMB
06 Nov 2014

I would like to thank Afrihost and their after hours support team.  Late Saturday evening I was enjoying kicking back and listening to various music streaming services.  Around 23:30 my ADSL signal stopped.  I logged onto the Afrihost app to see if there was something I could do, unfortunately unable to connect, it suggested I call the service desk.  I called, but was unhappy to hear that I was calling out of office hours. Towards the end of the voice prompts, it suggested that I could SMS ‘help’ to a number.  I did this, thinking that perhaps someone in the morning would call to assist.  It was less than 10 minutes later a support team member called me to see if he could help.  He rebooted my line and all was back to normal in no time.  I really appreciate the after hours service.  Another box ticked! Thank you Afrihost!  You will always have my Vote!

Mathew Atkins
03 Nov 2014

I’ve been an Afrihost customer for over 3 years and have no complaints with their service at all. They are probably the most customer-centric company I have dealt with and have strong technical support to back it up. Have told so many family and friends about Afrihost and many have signed up as a result. Keep being awesome!

Krineshen Singh
02 Nov 2014

The grass is not always greener on the other side. We left “AfriHost” but returned after just 1 day. Thanks for the support and great service - “AfriHost Team”

Conrad Taljaard - RFIQ
01 Nov 2014

my thanks to your excellent technical support team who fixed my line problem in a flash . everything was perfect ... even the waiting period is perfectly organised !!!

11 out of 10 on the satisfaction scale !!!

Philippe Delesalle
31 Oct 2014

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