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After a lengthy battle with Telkom my line is now finally handled by Afrihost! They’ve been nothing but helpful and always ready to assist at every turn. My service now is better than it’s ever been and using the Client Zone instead of having to phone Telkom is just incredible. Thank you Afrihost!

G. David
05 Jul 2016

Dear all at Afrihost,

I must commend you on your amazing service and efficiency!!!

In this day and age where we have all become used to shoddy service delivery, it is an absolute pleasure to deal with a company that puts their client’s needs first.

Keep up the good work, Gian and your team!

Kind regards,
Merri Mills

Merri Mills
01 Jul 2016

I moved from ***** following a period of nearly two years where I had endless problems with the service or lack of service. My frustration was so all consuming that I was recommended to move to AFRIHOST but again as with most of these changes was suspicious of the scenario of moving from the “frying pan into the fire” which has happened in the past. I decided I could no longer go through the pain of dealing with ****** so decided to make the move two months ago to AFRIHOST and to be honest the change was seamless due to the management of the process by AFRIHOST and their great team. I have now been on the AFRIHOST system for the past two months and have never had better support, service and more consistent network availability. My thanks to AFRIHOST for this great service and your phenomenal team.“CHAMPIONS”!

David Hulley
01 Jul 2016

I have just spent quite a lot of time with an awesome young man called Jaques R on Teamviewer.
He has a wonderful voice and was incredibly patient setting up a mailbox for me.
He is an asset to your company. Thank you, Jaques, you were great. Keep up the good work! 

I will cook a meal for you when you come to Cape Town ....


23 Jun 2016

Our mobile websites and web apps development dream has just come true. If we could have known about Afrihost 10 years back,we could be very far by now. Anyway, the services are superb, high speed performance, cheaper & affordable, and 100% active user support. You will feel as if they are giving everything for FREE. - AfroAgileSoft , Gaborone , Botswana

Batsile Ernest Chibane
26 May 2016

Just a shout out to a fantastic company and awesome staff. I have a few products with Afrihost ranging from personal to business services.  Afrihost’s Account Managers and Server Administrators have gone above and beyond my expectations many times and it is an absolute pleasure to know that ‘you are in good hands’.  Keep up the good work and thank for you the exemplified assistance over the last few years.

15 May 2016

Just wanted to thank Samuel Matchebe for the excellent service he provided me with when querying a charge on my account. He was an absolute pleasure to speak with and he actually got back to me with feedback shortly after I called support, which is unfortunately all too rare now days! :D Thank you Samuel and thank you Afrihost for hiring the best !!!

Cathrine Serfontein
17 Mar 2016

You guys are just AWESOME!!!I’ve just received 134GB of data. Wow best valentine present ever. Actually my only valentine present :-)
Nice life problems!!!! *not sure where I heard that, hopefully npt your competition hahahaha*


Sifiso Kheswa
17 Feb 2016

I have been an Afrihost customer for many years and now that have just taken it to another level with their contract FREE voice, mobile and data. I just ordered it by the way and looking forward to save big. Thanks Afrihost.

20 Jan 2016

The 24 Hour customer service is so good, I sometimes think Afrihost just shows off! Help is always available and the pricing and bonuses keeps me smiling all the way.

03 Jan 2016

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