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  • @shell_c0d3 Awesome :) -s

    10 hours ago

  • Here are some thought provoking adverts from around the world. You have to admit, Eskom did a good job.

    11 hours ago

  • @CollBerry That's horrible. So sorry about that. Could you give me the ticket reference so I can investigate? -s

    12 hours ago

Been with Afrihost since 2008. They now host my ADSL, Mobile Data and website. One goes along way to find any company remotely close to the service of Gian and his team.

Andrew Williamson
28 Aug 2014

Boston, one of your technicians, helped me to reset my router after many trials and errors. He was very professional and spoke clear English. Thank you for the service, my internet is up and running. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!! GO BOSTON

mmakgomo mokgohloa
26 Aug 2014

I have always been impressed by the Afrihost customer service. It has been amazing and pleasant throughout my experience.

I had been having trouble with my signal and called the call centre, I spoke to a very friendly and helpful employee name Boston. and He helped a lot my problem rattled his brains and a few others I am sure and even thou I know I was annoying at sometimes he never once lost his cool and was a perfect employee.

He has helped a lot and I feel that Boston should get a huge bonus at the end of the year or even better a raise he definitely deserves it.

21 Aug 2014

Hi, I would just like to point out that I have been having trouble playing “League of legends” on my internet for the past few weeks until I spoke to Naeem Essop, who had kept me informed and had assisted me in many ways possible to overcome this situation and thanks to all his hard work and patience I am able to play on my internet again. Thanks again.

Sean Botha
13 Aug 2014

Been using the Afrihost Mobile data for what seems like a lifetime now, honestly can’t imagine my phone without it. Thanx for the best service and quick support, keep up the great work.

Maumo Motloung
12 Aug 2014

Naeem Essop, goes out of his way continuously in aiding League of Legends players with any issues they are having on their Afrihost connection. We are all truly grateful for his support and patience.

Alex Evers
12 Aug 2014

I would like to leave a testimonial about an AfrihostT employee by the name of Naeem Essop.

I had some huge problems with the game League of Legends, and instantly thought the problem was with the game. After being in touch with 2 of Riot’s support members, I finally found that the problem had been a shaping issue with Afrihost. I was quickly becoming despondent about my choice of Afrihost as my ISP and was even considering changing to a different service provider - until Naeem Essop assured me that he would do anything in his power to assist in resolving this issue.

After posting about this issue on the SA League of Legends Facebook group, Naeem immediately responded with a variety of options to resolve my issues. Not only did he go out of his way to help me with this issue, but every other AfriHost client experiencing any problems.

Naeem is an excellent example of outstanding service quality and dedication, willing to go the extra mile even outside of his work hours, and is a great representative for Afrihost.

I would really like to thank him for all his effort and patience, this kind of service is truly rare.

Altus Mouton
11 Aug 2014

I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the attention and concern shown by Mr. Aldo (critical Manager), Joel and Kyle from support for their outstanding customer service at Afrihost, and they are great guys. I’m sure they would have preferred to have a customer who was going to spend a lot of money, but still assisted and got the device shipped and swopped for although I have 4 contracts with you guys and all my hard times I had with Afrihost itself I really gave up until the above mentioned names came to my rescue and brought that negativity out of me
I received numerous calls from the above trio to that effect shortly after they emailed me, Much to my surprise and delight, I received another call from Mr. Aldo a couple days saying that the device was approved and was due to arrive the next week, this was beyond my expectation and I feel it was largely due to the personal attention placed by the trio and others within your company, Thanks again for the wonderful service. I will be more likely to deal with you in the future.
I want to really thank you once again for your kindness in delivering the device as promised and your professionalism, keep up the good work mates.

11 Aug 2014

I just want to thank Naeem Essop for the awesome support today. I was having issues with my package this afternoon and got the best service I have ever received from an ISP. Afrihost is the best!

06 Aug 2014

i had an issues with online gaming where the shaping of my adsl Bundle couldn’t support the games. I reported it and the time taken to respond to try help me resolve the issue was immediate. I was also told my issue would be resolved by next month. I’m very pleased with the service

06 Aug 2014

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