• 60 Day Double Money Guarantee
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Support via Website

We have a specially written Afrihost Support Website with guides and troubleshooting advice for all clients.

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Support via Email

We provide clients with 24 Hour Support. Simply log a ticket or send us an email and we will get back to you.

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Support via SMS

Want us to call you? Send an SMS and we'll call you back.

SMS "Help" to 32541

* SMS charged at R1.50.
Free SMSes do not apply.

Support via Phone

Throughout our 14 years we have always been dedicated to treating our clients with the utmost respect and delivering the best possible service aimed at not just satisfying but delighting!

011 612 7200

Mon-Fri 07:00-20:00
Sat-Sun 09:00-15:00

* Standard call rates.
Free minutes do not apply.

We Believe We're The Best Choice For You!

So we've decided to take all the risk onto our backs.

If at any time in the first 60 days you feel that we did not live up to our promises and you choose to leave us, we'll pay you back DOUBLE what  you've paid us on that package, up to the point that you cancel - no strings and no questions!

So why are we doing it then?

We believe that we are the best ISP for you and we don't want you to hesitate for even a moment to be our client.

If we don't delight you and deliver on our service promise, you can choose to leave us at any time in the first 60 days of your chosen product and we will pay you back double the amount you've paid us in total up to that point, on that product or package. If we don't deliver, you don't pay - in fact, we pay you.

How the Guarantee works:

  • You signup with us, kick the tires and try us out.
  • You decide we're not the company for you.
  • You cancel your service with us within the first 60 days.
  • You claim your Double Money Back Guarantee.
  • We pay double what you've paid us on that package* when you decide to claim the guarantee

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The Small Print

  • All our Shared Hosting packages qualify for this double your money guarantee.
  • All our DSL packages qualify for this double your money guarantee.
  • Only the data portion of DSL Bundles are applicable for this double your money guarantee.
  • All Mobile Data products are eligible (except promotional bundles and Mobile Data devices, or data bundles with devices).
  • All our Dedicated Hosting packages qualify for this guarantee.
  • All of our Rack Hosting packages DO NOT qualify for this guarantee.
  • All of our DSL Line Rental products DO NOT qualify for this guarantee.
  • All AfriDesign packages DO NOT qualify for this guarantee.
  • All Comprehensive Mobile packages (packages that offer Voice & Data) DO NOT qualify for this guarantee.
  • Any and all products which do qualify for the guarantee are explicitly labelled on our website, and therefore products which do not display the "60 Day Double Money Back Guarantee" label DO NOT qualify.
  • If we choose to terminate an account for any reason (e.g. spam, illegal content) then that service will not qualify for the guarantee.
  • Any referral or promotional discounts claimed will be deducted from the per month product value for the period applicable.
  • The refund will be limited to actual monies paid within the 60 day period on the specific product being claimed, and no other rewards or compensation will be applicable; or monies paid on other products which are not eligible.
  • Claiming the refund will result in immediate and full cancellation of the product concerned, if not already cancelled by the client.