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We'd like to gain some insight into our most valuable asset - our clients.

Please take a minute to fill out our Client Satisfaction Survey. Our mission is to delight you with the best service you've ever experienced, and we want to make sure we're on track. Tell us what we're doing right, so we can do more. If we're doing something we shouldn't be, or not doing something we should, please tell us about it too. We'll be giving away five brand spanking new smartphones to random clients who complete this survey. Whether you'd prefer an iPhone 5 or a Galaxy S4, you could soon own one of the best personal gizmos in the galaxy!

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How likely are you to recommend Afrihost
to a friend or colleague?
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Please rate how we are doing in the following areas Brilliant Well OK Bad Horrific Can't Comment
Overall Product Quality
Overall Product Pricing
Overall Client Service
Telephonic Call Centre
Promotions & Competitions
Accounts & Billing
Living up to our Word
How would you rate your experience using the following products, including our support for them? Brilliant Well OK Bad Horrific Can't Comment
DSL Bandwidth (Capped, Uncapped or Prepaid)
DSL Line Management
Shared Hosting
Dedicated Hosting (including Cloud products)
How would you rate the various ways we interact with you? Brilliant Well OK Bad Horrific Can't Comment
Social Media Interaction (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
MyBroadBand Forums
Emails (Newsletters, etc)
Would you like Afrihost to provide any of the following
in the near future
Definitely Maybe Not Really
3G / Wireless Internet i.e. via Cellular networks
Hosted Exchange
Music, Movies and TV Show Online Store
Bigger Giveaways
Bigger Focus on Gaming
When you think of ISP's (Internet Service Providers) what other companies' names come to mind?
What is the biggest frustration you have with your Internet connectivity or web hosting?
What is your favourite thing about Afrihost?
Is there anything we could do differently right now that would improve your experience with us?
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