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i there, I would just like to compliment Afrihost on thEir excellent service. Whenever I have phoned I have always had my calls answered promptly and the staff have always had a solution for my problem that they have been able to help me with very speedily, the arew always helpful and friendly and it has been a pleasure dealing with your company

Thank you

Karen Mclachlan

Karen Mclachlan


Karen McLachlan
29 Jun 2011

My experience with Afrihost has been marvelous.  From the moment I applied and had all sorts of questions about the switch from another service provider to Afrihost (as we work from home and couldn’t afford to be without internet!) , to the “hand holding” in the set up, to the every now and then emails about what’s new, the attitude of customer service shines through.  I never felt like you were thinking inside, “oh no not another little grey haired lady” even though that is what I am.  Also, I am a Canadian and so was not familiar with the way Telkom and service providers interact, and those questions were handled in such a way as I could understand the answer.  This company is great!  I tell others about the service and the lower costs whenever I get the chance.  Thanks.

Joan Alty
29 Jun 2011

I’ve been with Afrihost for a number of months now and I have nothing but praise for the service I’ve received.

I’ve never had any problems with my internet connection.  However, whenever I’ve had a query, I’ve received immediate, polite, helpful response from the staff.  Everyone is so friendly, kind and efficient. 

It’s been an absolute pleasure, thank you for the wonderful, professional service.

Warm regards

Monique Jacobs
29 Jun 2011

I would like to thank the AfriHost team for their brilliant service and prices.
A while back I had a problem with my site, it was sorted out within an hour,
This to me is top quality service!

29 Jun 2011

Good day,
I have nothing but praise for your service I had no problem getting my account and had no real problems.
I am using Afrihost at home and at work and both accounts are running very smooth.
Thank you very much for your great service.

Johan Geldenhuys
29 Jun 2011

Afrihost was recommended by a friend of mine, Jason Siddell.  I contacted your guys and I was spoken through everything and hey presto - I found myself being part of the Afrihost ‘family’.

I have had nothing but fantastic, great, incredible, magical service from your company and I recommend your comapny to friends and anyone who will listen to contact you guys to make their lives easier ... especially when I hear them bemoaning the poor service or the high charges they are receiving/being charged from their hosts!

Keep up the stunning work you do and know that you have one big fan in me!!!

Take care today + always.
Coll Mc


Colleen McManus
29 Jun 2011

I’ve recently joined Afrihost for my hosting and ADSL requirements and it has been ridiculously easy and painless. I honestly don’t know why people go anywhere else after hearing their stories!!

29 Jun 2011

I’ll be short and sweet (I hope).

My experience with Afrihost had been great after a friend introduced me to you guys.  I was up and running in (relatively) quick time (after a slight initial hiccup) and the few teething problems I encountered were smoothly ironed out by your friendly helpdesk operators.  The facility to SMS and you call me back was particularly nice for us “pray as you go” guys.

The clientzone interface is most impressive.  After first setting up one’s credit card details and going through the normal security, recharging is a breeze.  Even updating my expired card was without too much fuzz.  Probably the best is the bargraph display of one’s current GByte status and daily usage (even though the different scales on the graph was a little confusing initially until I figured it out).

Luckily the usage/balance page is very useful, because I need to visit it regularly since I have been “forced” into checking my GByte balance manually due to Afrihost’s refusal to do it automatically for prepaid customers.  One’s percentage left is worked out on one’s overall (full history of) GBytes purchased.  So, as the latter grows, one’s unused balance shrinks to a fraction of a percent, hence becoming a totally useless number.  So, in practice it now means that, straight after buying another GByte, I get a “warning” that I’m almost out of airtime - fairly useless information, as you can think.  Just as useless was Afrihost’s response when I raised this.  I was told that this is policy and that they will not be changing the algorithm to make it more meaningful for prepaid customers.  They even pointed me to where I can disable SMS-notifications if I find it irritating to be told that I only have 0.002% airtime left when I still have a balance of more than a GByte.

29 Jun 2011

Man you guys rock!!! although i been seeing other hosts providing services from R19 P.M when i think of jumping sheep, i think to myself is the customer service on point ? are they trust worthy ?. So due to the fact that y’all provide 5star services i am staying home. And home is were the heart is AFRIHOST!

29 Jun 2011

I have had the misfortune of dealing with no less that 5 other service providers before signing up with Afrihost.  While maintaining a service with Afrihost I have also tried a number of other service providers for various other products but Afrihost have ultimately come out tops in ALL departments.  I even had the luxury of referring the sales representative from the national telecom provider who was completely taken aback when I showed her the prices of unshaped capped ADSL services from Afrihost.  Keep up the fantastic work and unmatched value for money!

29 Jun 2011

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