We'll deliver your order via courier and you can still get help via our online Help Centre, WhatsApp, email and phone. The Walk-in Centre at Afrihost HQ is open for collections only.

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Absolutely love Afrihost!!!!! thanx for the great service!!

Anthony Biddulph
29 Jun 2011

Hi Gian and Team,

I is nearly a year since I joined Afrihost on 16 July 2010.  And I only once needed to contact your team for some assistance!  And that turned out to be ME being a bit “dof” since I am one of your 50 years plus age-group clients.  Yes, I checked out your team online today when I found the 5 magic apples in your i-Pad competition and every one of you all will have to call me OOM Johan!

So what is my point?  Congratulations to a bunch of young geniuses for operating a company so smoothly as you are doing!!  It is rare to find something being done right in our beautiful country these days - but you guys (and gals) have the winning recipe!

Keep up the good stuff!


Oom Johan

Johan Heymans
29 Jun 2011

I love afrihost internet, its a pity I no longer have a DSL line.

29 Jun 2011

I am very satisfied with Afihosts.  I can vouch for the quality of service, quality of communication, quality of product, and overall value for money.  I have, and will recommend you to my friends.  thanks again.

Hennie van Wyk

Hennie van Wyk
29 Jun 2011

Your service is realy very good, profesional and friendly. Since coming over to you it does however seem as if I am going threw my bandwith much quiker than I use to. On the other hand I am having fun doing so. Greetings Ben

Ben Jouber
29 Jun 2011

Dear Gian & Staff
Thank you so much for your excellent service. My only regret is that I didn’t find out about Afrihost much earlier!
Keep up the good work!!!!
Eileen Bell

Eilee Bell
29 Jun 2011

Hi Afrihost Team,

It is possibly the best decision I have ever made moving my hosting and ADSL connectivity to Afrihost. Like your logo say “Pure Internet Joy”. You guys (and Ladies) are the best and many thanks for making it easy and accessable.

The service is great and the hospitality is awesome, and for the friendship you have extended to me ( I have yet to meet anyone on the team, personally).

Keep up the excellent service, and may your new offices bring a wealth of business. I am proud to be an Afrihiost client.


Gerald Langeveld
29 Jun 2011

I am a full time student and I’ve been in need of an internet connection at home for the longest time. I finally went to apply for a line and it took FOREVER! A whole 2 months. Once I’d finally secured the line, I signed up for an Afrihost account and had it in about 10 minutes. Amazing! I had a few problems with my internet connections at the very beginning, but none of those were Afrihost-related. Its been almost 2 months now and I haven’t had any more problems.
A few of my friends initially recommended I check out Afrihost purely to get the 1 free Gig they keep giving out. When I first heard about this 1 free Gig, it sounded a bit suspicious since it promised 1 free Gig “forever”. I went to check it out though, and ended up discovering the cheapest rates for my specific internet needs. My friends encouraged me to go with another ISP and just take the free 1 Gig from Afrihost, but it just didn’t make sense to me since Afrihost was so much cheaper.
So, with an easy sign-up process, very good prices and a service that has given me no problems, I am a very happy first time internet user. I’m here to stay with Afrihost.

29 Jun 2011

Every person i have dealt with at Afrihost is polite, helpful and knowledgeable. I am always impressed with their service and dont get anxious having to call and sound stupid with a question because they are always gracious with their advice.
Well done guys, keep it up.
Number 1 ISP !

29 Jun 2011

Hallo Gian

I only had good service from you guys from day one. The only problems I encountered was with the second payment when my expiry date was not communicated to you, thus my own shortcoming and it was sorted by your professional staff with a smile.

I like to further thank you guys for your generosity by giving us a outstanding service at a very competitive low price and free bandwidth on top of it.

I never had to use your support personnel to sort out any queries because there were none so far from your side. (hand to head…touch wood)

Thanks again for always being there.



Klaus Munz
29 Jun 2011

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