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  • @traviswil Hi Alan, Please confirm if this is sorted? ^Ani

    10 hours ago

  • @AMJaphta @vumatel Yes, that's correct. I'm enquiring about July's charge for you since you weren't able to use the service. ^Pulane

    11 hours ago

  • @AMJaphta @vumatel The activation has triggered a debit so it should go off soon. Were you charged in July? ^Pulane

    12 hours ago

Just a quick note to say that I am thoroughly impressed with every aspect of Afrihost, from your completely different (might I add, refreshing) marketing strategy, to your superb service and your simple, easy to use clientzone.

Our business (as with most others) is heavily dependent on our IT infrastructure, and the stability that Afrihost provides is invaluable to us.

Keep up the great work

Warm Regards

Imran Jadwat
Pulse Holdings

Imran Jadwat
30 Jun 2011

Dear Gian

Thank you for the invitation!!
I would just like to say ˆ in the country we are living in, service delivery is not a priority!!  I am so used to people just pulling up their shoulders, saying Œwe don‚t have that, or Œwe are out of stock‚ or the best one Œall our operators are busy, but please stay on the line, you are important to us!‚

We‚ll with Afrihost, it is a total different story!!  I phoned in 3 times ˆ we reached our cap and I urgently needed to finish some work.

The phone was quickly answered by very friendly and helpful consultants.  Before I disconnected the call ˆ all was arranged and I was back online!!
It is not just about delivering a service, it is the way that the consultants spoke to me, you could hear the smile in their voices.
I‚ve also send a thank you mail to the consultants and they responded quickly and friendly.

WOW WOW WOW is all I can say!!

It is great knowing that you guys are always willing to help!
Oh, and for an CEO to draft a mail to all his clients??  Never heard of it ˆ you are the first!!!!

Please open the attachment with sound on!

Petra Le Roux

Petra Le Roux
30 Jun 2011

Simply put, Afrihost Rocks!

Jaco Groenewald
30 Jun 2011

Your products and diversity of usage and upgrades are simply 1st class.
Thanks Afrihost,
From the Tsitsikamma

30 Jun 2011

I absolutely love you guys! Always friendly and patient even when i am a total blond when it comes to computer talk! Thank you!!!

Alet du Toit
30 Jun 2011

Being a heavy-duty net user, I have high expectations from my ISP. Afrihost met them all: good price, great service and excellent speeds. I don’t hesitate in recommending it to anyone.

James Francis
30 Jun 2011

your service is very good thanks afrihost

30 Jun 2011

I am super happy with your services, Your   IT assistants are so patient and very helpful.  Great Job

karen dehon
29 Jun 2011

Afrihost is awesome!  After years of bad to non-existant service from another ‘service’ provider, I have experienced a move from the ridiculous to the sublime!  I rarely need help as everything runs so smoothly but, when I do have an issue (which is usually due to my lack of technical knowledge) the Afrihost team appears at the click of a mouse or touch of a telephone dial.  Always quick, courteous and friendly, they go beyond the call of duty to get me out of whatever trouble I got myself into.  I used to spend hours listening to meaningless music-on-hold or, worse still, messages-on-hold telling me, “Your call is important to us” (yeah, right - that’s why I have to wait two hours to get through to someone who knows even less about technology than I do!)  Well, those days are over and I’m never going back.  Hmmm… wish I could do the same with my mobile phone service.

29 Jun 2011

I cannot remember when I joined, but I have had nothing but a trouble free, pleasant experience with your company. Not a glich of any kind. Thank you for this and my extra gig per month which I probably seldom use, but it reassures me all the same… Regards sandra Bryant

sandra bryant
29 Jun 2011

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