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We’ve been using Afrihost for many year for our vehicle tracking solution. One word comes to mind every time I call them for help: WONDERFUL

Hans van Wyk
06 Jul 2011

When I decided to get broadband internet, I had heard about Afrihost, but didn’t know much about them, so I decided to go with a well-established brand that has been around for ages. After a few unhelpful phone calls and ignored e-mails, I eventually found some application forms. I filled them out, and e-mailed them back to the ISP. The next day I followed up, and found that they didn’t give me all of the documents, and I had to fill out some more. So I did. Again a day went by, and when I followed up, I had to fill out another document. After several iterations, my application was approved and processed. Some days later I called them again, only to find out that my application was on hold because they didn’t have any more lines available in my area.
With a small amount of muttering and some mild insults, I cancelled my application and went looking for a new ISP. I browsed through user reviews online, and found mixed opinions about every ISP, except Afrihost - only good ones there. So I decided to give them a try. Within 3 hours, my account was active, my line was working, and everything was confirmed via SMS and e-mail. Ever since, every query has been answered courteously and efficiently. Thank you Afrihost - it’s a pleasure to be your client.

Hendrik Neethling
06 Jul 2011

I have been using Afrihost Internet for more than six months, the services I got from this company is excellent and the price is good and affordable.
You Internet is fast and efficient it real meet my Internet needs. Thanks a lot Afrihost keep up a good work I am more than happy about your services.

Mehluli Moyo
05 Jul 2011


05 Jul 2011

Hi there,

Just a quick note to speak about the incredible service I recently received from a member of the Afrihost support team, Aldo Ronchese. I was referred to Aldo after he assisted a friend in resolving an issue she was having – she raved about him, and I’m pleased to say that I had a very similar experience.

I contacted Aldo only a few days ago, and in that time he’s managed to resolve a technical problem I’ve been struggling with for over a year (which other support staff hadn’t managed to fix). He showed an amazing level of ownership and technical expertise, and I was bowled over by the interest and commitment he displayed in helping me out. His professionalism is commendable, and the whole experience has reaffirmed my relationship with Afrihost. I hope all other clients are treated to the same exception levels of customer service that I experienced in my dealings with Aldo.

Many Thanks,

04 Jul 2011

So easy, so hassle-free, so ” walking the second mile” with 1 extra free gig per month!!!
Thanks very much for your service

02 Jul 2011

Just a quick word from side concerning your service and products.

What you guys are offering at afrihost when compared to other ISP`s is definately worth a five star status! The speed you answer calls and effectiveness of solving issues without waiting for hours is just incredible, and all of this in a country where I just though that good service is only a word you would find in a dictionary and not in reality.

All I can say is, THANK YOU afrihost team for managing your service in such a way that the customer really can feel proud to have the afrihost brand displayed on an email or just by word of mouth communication to let the people out there know that there is still hope for excellent service providers and products at afrihost.

Keep up the good work and may your business grow without limits and the heart stay humble!

Kind regards


John Gray
02 Jul 2011

Just a quick note to say that I am thoroughly impressed with every aspect of Afrihost, from your completely different (might I add, refreshing) marketing strategy, to your superb service and your simple, easy to use clientzone.

Our business (as with most others) is heavily dependent on our IT infrastructure, and the stability that Afrihost provides is invaluable to us.

Keep up the great work

Warm Regards

Imran Jadwat
Pulse Holdings

Imran Jadwat
30 Jun 2011

Dear Gian

Thank you for the invitation!!
I would just like to say ˆ in the country we are living in, service delivery is not a priority!!  I am so used to people just pulling up their shoulders, saying Œwe don‚t have that, or Œwe are out of stock‚ or the best one Œall our operators are busy, but please stay on the line, you are important to us!‚

We‚ll with Afrihost, it is a total different story!!  I phoned in 3 times ˆ we reached our cap and I urgently needed to finish some work.

The phone was quickly answered by very friendly and helpful consultants.  Before I disconnected the call ˆ all was arranged and I was back online!!
It is not just about delivering a service, it is the way that the consultants spoke to me, you could hear the smile in their voices.
I‚ve also send a thank you mail to the consultants and they responded quickly and friendly.

WOW WOW WOW is all I can say!!

It is great knowing that you guys are always willing to help!
Oh, and for an CEO to draft a mail to all his clients??  Never heard of it ˆ you are the first!!!!

Please open the attachment with sound on!

Petra Le Roux

Petra Le Roux
30 Jun 2011

Simply put, Afrihost Rocks!

Jaco Groenewald
30 Jun 2011

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