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I wanted to acknowledge the excellent support I have received from Afrihost.

Afrihost handles things so smoothly I seldom need the services of their support staff - usually the issue is on Telkom’s infrastructure. Mostly, it’s when they take the hassle of dealing with Telkom out of my hands (it’s good to have Afrihost managing your DSL line).

Afrihost’s team is always prompt in dealing with queries and go the distance when sorting out issues. My particular thanks to JP du Toit who had my issue sorted out in no time at all.

Thanks Afrihost! I feel confident in the recommendations I have made and will continue to make regarding using Afrihost as an ISP.

29 Mar 2017

I have been an Afrihost client for almost 4 years. I am a happy camper and have received very good person to person service. While we worked through a complicated issue that was difficult to pursue over e-mail, an Afrihost technical support engineer phoned me so that we could talk through the issue. He phoned me.

Their DSL service is reliable and I have had a couple of very welcome surprises involving increased bandwidth at no extra cost.

Any time there has been a glitch the company sort it out very quickly, more than that I cannot ask. Perfection is an overworked word, often used by people to whom perfection is a distant cousin, and is impossible in such an interdependent technical world, and Afrihost have developed the systems to run the operations well and to offer good support.

And their accounting system WORKS. It is smooth and accurate. 

They use a sophisticated ‘Client Zone’ system which covers everything you need to know about.

Lest you are concerned about my status in this Testimonial, I do not work for Afrihost, although I do advertise their services. They are the sort of company I want by my side in the trenches. In any case I’m far too busy with the website.

Thank you Afrihost.

Peter Hall
14 Mar 2017

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Rizwan Ahamad! I got excellent service from this Support Team Member. I am very new in this game of setting up websites/ blogs and Rizwan assisted with ease, politely and most importantly with a lot of patience. This type of service is the reason I will be referring family and friends to Afrihost!

Agatha Makatsane
04 Mar 2017

Think I might be in heaven (with Afrihost’s assistance). Have been an Afrihost ADSL client for years now. Decided to go with your fibre. Placed my order late on Sunday evening - installed and connected by 11h00 on Thursday. Simply put “Afrihost ROCKS!” Keep up the amazing work - thanks!

02 Mar 2017

Good day

I would like to compliment Afrihost. I have had nothing but good service since signing up with Afrihost.
Customer calls are a pleasure and regular feedback and sms notifications on progress of my queries.
Lastly, what Afrihost says they mean, unlimited data and one bill, no surprises.. is what I get.

Happy to be with Afrihost :-)

Tazkiyya suleman
27 Feb 2017

Super fast connectivity via router. Our whole team at would like to recommend afrihost to all people. Thanks for super fast service.

22 Feb 2017

Afrihost is by far the best ISP bar none! Easy sign up, easy to use, extremely flexible. I have both ADSL and mobile packages. The help line is the best. My only grouse, mobile top-ups are a bit too expensive. Keep up the good work!

David Oloruntoba
22 Feb 2017

I don’t usually give testimonials, but I just had to say, I love love love love Afrihost!
They make everything so user friendly and easy, no contracts no fuss, topping up your data and changing your package with the click of a button in their app.
And if ever you need help they are ready and eager to help.
I will never use another ISP again!

Tyrone Annor
12 Feb 2017

Today, I was so disappointed with a related internet Afrihost situation that I was standing at point of cancelling service. A few Afrihost Reps had dropped the ball. However I received a follow up call initiated by Thami Biyela that changed my mind. He reminded me of the service and communication that I want to receive from Afrihost and of the standards that Gian’s portrayal of Afrihost has always conveyed. He was calm, tenacious, and while always professional and efficient, his manner was warm and even charming. His thoroughness, and clear communication persuaded me to stick with him while he researched and resolved the issues. He turned my wary concern into a compliment, even where I was reluctant to give Afrihost a shot and suspicious due to some recent disapointing outcomes. Thami’s interaction kept me with the process so that the problem was resolved. If it wasn’t for his interpersonal skills and technical know how, and knowing when to get expertise (calling in a support person Boston briefly but appropriately for a router specific issue). I was so very surprised at the end to discover that this is Thami’s 2nd day in this role. Well Done Thami! And well done for a great hire and training Afrihost.

I have been an Afrihost client for almost 3 years. I remember the day I first heard about Afrihost - returning to South Africa from living out of the country for a while. Now finally I had a way to get the faster internet speed & data volume. I have been rooting for Afrihost ever since - because to grow our country we must have smooth efficient communication including internet connectivity. While there are other options including Telkom and smaller, new and even foreign players especially small localised satellite based operators, yet as a customer and business person I recognise that larger infrastructure is required to ensure & keep pace with the ongoing growth. Please stick with us Afrihost. And keep the customer focus, great hires, and connectivity. We need you in this rapidly changing world and market - we really need you to grow our country. But one thing; please expand hours for access to personal service & education for customer interaction. Customers need & want to speak to a “Thami” ‘live’ to sort issues- but btw, changing authentication process for a router should not take more than 20 min. So please help make sure that we can do this more easily - especially since Afrihost recommends this!

bee ernst
02 Feb 2017

I was chatting with Matshepo from accounts for the past few days, yoh this lady was awesome. She sorted my account with speed and as they say “pure joy” :). I am happy with the service from Afrihost, and if they have such great staff like Matshepo I’m certainly not going anywhere. Thank you Matshepo.



Nhlakanipho Hadebe
25 Jan 2017

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