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    4 minutes ago

  • @PrncsJohanna That's good Calla🙂 ^Sinabo

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  • @BionicLFC From our end everything seems good, however, I see your line is not authenticating, please contact Telko…

    12 minutes ago

Afrihost is cheaper than any other ISP out there, Other ISP’s sell 1GB=R150, but Afrihost sells it for 1GB=R59, that is 1/3 cheaper for the same thing, I have never experienced problems from them, I have been with them for 3 Years now. Good work please keep it up!!!

Farzaad D
27 Aug 2017

Afrihost Mobile is the best network in South Africa for unrestricted APN. After struggling to set up a DynDNS with MTN for a week, they finally said that this can not be done on a prepaid card. Fortunately I was able to switch to Afrihost using the MTN sim card and in less than an hour had everything up and running on the Afrihost APN. Unbelievable!
Thank you.

Trewinnard van kerkhof
17 Aug 2017

I have been with Afrihost for more than 2 Years now and not once have I considered moving. Between the great pricing and the outstanding quality of service and always-up-to-date product line, I will forever be happy with Afrihost!

01 Aug 2017

Afrihost must be the best company in South Africa when it comes to customer service. Telkom cut my ADSL line in the process of migrating the ADSL line from Telkom to Afrihost. Afrihost went out of their way to help and support me and got my ADSL line up and running literally in minutes. Outstanding service!

Arno Cloete
21 Jul 2017

Ive been with every SA ISP you can google, my last attempt was Afrihost,and since I joined a few years ago…let me put it like this-I tell every single person I know to sign up with Afrihost, Afrihost is continously adding new services that is extremely cheap and hard to believe I.e. free data, unshaped and unthrottled uncapped internet (telkom isnt even unthrottled and thats why I love Afrihost, no downtime, cheapest uncapped fibre and dont forget those emails that has free promotional product exclusive for members, , Thank you and dont change as you are truly the 1st choice and should be number one ISP in south Africa.

Ryan G
02 Jul 2017

The BEST-EST SP ever… I would like to thank this amazing company for their wonderful staff… (Steph.M - online / live chat & Eric at the call centre)... and their efficiency its because of these two gents that I have cancelled my order with another SP (WA) and moved immediately to you guys. I waited months with another SP for my FIBRE installation - and I eventually gave up. I know that I would have to wait but I would rather be patient with a company that actually cares for its clients, than to be treated terribly and still do business with ‘that’ company. Thank you for being AWESOME!!!!

Raessa Cassim
02 Jun 2017

I dont think I ever received such good service, from an internet sp,may I add.Signed up late last night.Woke up this morning to all confirmation emails.Had a slight problem(on my part),called in spoke to Ed, he advised me on the resolution. Literally less than 5 mins after my email, I got a response from a Christo.
The constant communication,keeping you up to date as to what’s happening was impressive.
I reffered someone and within hours she’s connected-same good service.
Thank you Afrihost team. I surely hope that client service will be as good as the new client aquisition service.

25 May 2017

I wanted to acknowledge the excellent support I have received from Afrihost.

Afrihost handles things so smoothly I seldom need the services of their support staff. Afrihost’s team is always prompt in dealing with queries and go the distance when sorting out issues. Even while running 30+ websites across multiple accounts.

Thanks, Afrihost! I feel confident in the recommendations I have made and will continue to make regarding using Afrihost as an ISP and Webhost.

Keep up the great work!

Jeandré Visser
09 May 2017

Tonight I really needed some technical assistance and like every other time Afrihost just came through for me.
I should of written a letter of thanks ages ago but kept slipping my mind, so my apologies for the delay.
Living in the UK for 12 years and experiencing efficient and precise service became normal.
On our return to SA we struggled to adjust to the general care free customer service and lack thereof from numerous businesses across SA.
Except for afrihost which stood out immediately.
Afrihost service has been nothing but efficient, prompt, thorough, professional and polite which for myself ticks all the boxes.
Thanks to Manisha for your help and the entire team.

Richard De Wet
08 May 2017

Great work Afrihost, you are the best ever!! and very glad to recommend you to any one, i have always had excellent and fast service, I have had ADSL service for some time now and its hardly ever been off that i noticed, i also got a LTE SIM today and it works instantly following the instructions that was so easy, i am very glad i signed up with Afrihost excellent service all the time and now 24/7 amazing. i am here stay with Afihost for as long as i can. Thanks so Much !!

Andries Mulder
28 Apr 2017

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