AT LAST!  - Cool new website and very cool new logo

Mauritz Kloppers
20 Sep 2010

Nitpicky, I know, but I like having the companies I support strive for and be totally excellent :)


Wilmar @pietsous
20 Sep 2010

Hi Guys,

The new site looks really awesome, well done.

20 Sep 2010

Best bandwidth is SA!

20 Sep 2010

Hi Artur,

Been a long time since we last chatted,

I just wanted to tell you that Warren and Keenan deserve a pat on the back for extremely quick turn around times for the support they both gave me last night. (well those were the email address that came into my inbox).

They always kept me up to date with the problem and never left me hanging wondering what was happening.

They helped me over a period of about 5 hours trying to assist me with my problems. There was about 25 emails exchanged between us.

Thanks again for the good service and tell your guys to keep up the good work.

Kind Regards

Gareth Stretch - Varsitylife
20 Sep 2010

Dear Warren,

I just want to let you know how pleased and happy I am in the manner you treated me last week. From the time I made a call to you (when I was still at home) until when you walked me out the Afrihost office- the whole experience was just too good. It was so professional and filled with rapport and care.

In a country like South Africa where customer service is relegated to the bottom, I find it VERY IMPORTANT to thank everyone who offers me a GREAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. Which is why I am writing this email to you today.

You are great; and keep the good work up!

Warm regards

Nndateni Ndou - Credible Suppliers CEO
20 Sep 2010

Hi Warren,

You are all the most amazing team that I have dealt with!!!!! Keep that great customer service approach up as I as an IS employee think you are the best. Clients that have dealt with your team have also commented on the great service.

Have a wonderful evening

Hester van Rooyen - Internet Solutions
20 Sep 2010

Hi there Derrick,

I am well thank you.  No need to be sad :-) I am only changing my domain name and will continue to use Afrihost for hosting my new domain whichhas already been set up with you as

Rest assured that, for as long as I have sites to host, they will most certainly be hosted with Afrihost.  I have tried many other hosts in the past and have always been disappointed, until I found Afrihost!  Well done on excellent service.  I only recommend Afrihost to all my webdesign clients now.

Kind regards,

20 Sep 2010

Thanks again, Keenan. Pieter has fixed the problem, but it’s very nice to know that we’ve got you in the background always ready to help.

You were very efficient, courteous and helpful - as usual. Thank you.

Peter Cheales,
20 Sep 2010

Hey Guys

I just want to say 10 out of 10 for you support !!!

I had a crisis situation last night and Oscar came to my rescue, he did not
give up until it was sorted and believe me, he tried everything. Having
moved my site from a “supposedly” hot ##### OVERSEAS hosting company I am so
impressed with AFRIHOST. Keep up the good work and thanks for helping me
sleep better at night. By the way we have to beat the All Blacks (and the
ref) tomorrow hope you are all going to watch, op die BOKKE.

Regards and take care.

Andre Bezuidenhout
20 Sep 2010

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