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This wireless internet package is amazing! The download speed is through the roof and I just want to say how satisfied I am with Afrihost! Great service delivery and support!

19 Oct 2017

I just received the most awesome service from Lionel. He helped me setup our ADSL line and got us connected after the Telkom technician left after only plugging in the ADSL router and left without setting up our connection. Lionel was patient and friendly and even called Telkom on my behalf to activate the router. Thank you Lionel and Afrihost I am very much impressed.

Boland School for Autism
21 Sep 2017

Good morning.

I have had the most amazing service from your operator called Ed ‘o Neal.  He is patience and his product knowledge is outstanding.  I am a pensioner and find it difficult to understand all the terms used to load data etc..  He took me through all the various steps and assisted me faultlessly.
Afrihost you guys are great.  I would like it if Ed could get a mention for his excellent service as people are more inclined to complain instead of praising someone when it is deserved.

Thanks Ed, and thanks Afrihost.
I will certainly only use your service.

With kind regards,

Marlene Steyn
13 Sep 2017

The operator contact me and help me to sign up after a few minutes my phone was active on afrihost.The data download and upload is fast on 3G MTN signal. It is fast,reliable and it is a pleasure doing business with Afrihost. Thank you for the excellent customer service. Fast,affordable and reliable!

Johan Coetzee
05 Sep 2017

Afrihost is cheaper than any other ISP out there, Other ISP’s sell 1GB=R150, but Afrihost sells it for 1GB=R59, that is 1/3 cheaper for the same thing, I have never experienced problems from them, I have been with them for 3 Years now. Good work please keep it up!!!

Farzaad D
27 Aug 2017

Afrihost Mobile is the best network in South Africa for unrestricted APN. After struggling to set up a DynDNS with MTN for a week, they finally said that this can not be done on a prepaid card. Fortunately I was able to switch to Afrihost using the MTN sim card and in less than an hour had everything up and running on the Afrihost APN. Unbelievable!
Thank you.

Trewinnard van kerkhof
17 Aug 2017

I have been with Afrihost for more than 2 Years now and not once have I considered moving. Between the great pricing and the outstanding quality of service and always-up-to-date product line, I will forever be happy with Afrihost!

01 Aug 2017

Afrihost must be the best company in South Africa when it comes to customer service. Telkom cut my ADSL line in the process of migrating the ADSL line from Telkom to Afrihost. Afrihost went out of their way to help and support me and got my ADSL line up and running literally in minutes. Outstanding service!

Arno Cloete
21 Jul 2017

Ive been with every SA ISP you can google, my last attempt was Afrihost,and since I joined a few years ago…let me put it like this-I tell every single person I know to sign up with Afrihost, Afrihost is continously adding new services that is extremely cheap and hard to believe I.e. free data, unshaped and unthrottled uncapped internet (telkom isnt even unthrottled and thats why I love Afrihost, no downtime, cheapest uncapped fibre and dont forget those emails that has free promotional product exclusive for members, , Thank you and dont change as you are truly the 1st choice and should be number one ISP in south Africa.

Ryan G
02 Jul 2017

The BEST-EST SP ever… I would like to thank this amazing company for their wonderful staff… (Steph.M - online / live chat & Eric at the call centre)... and their efficiency its because of these two gents that I have cancelled my order with another SP (WA) and moved immediately to you guys. I waited months with another SP for my FIBRE installation - and I eventually gave up. I know that I would have to wait but I would rather be patient with a company that actually cares for its clients, than to be treated terribly and still do business with ‘that’ company. Thank you for being AWESOME!!!!

Raessa Cassim
02 Jun 2017

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