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Afrihost T&Cs

Terms & Conditions

Mobile Data

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Your attention is drawn in particular to clauses rendered in bold capitals in these terms. What follows is a summary for your convenience and does not form part of the agreement between you and Afrihost. It is your responsibility to read the clauses referred to:

  • "Topping-up" bandwidth  has specific conditions applicable which restrict this service.


  1. These terms and conditions, together with the General Terms govern the use of all of the Afrihost Mobile Data services. Afrihost offers capped Mobile Data services.
  2. By contracting with Afrihost for the services the Client will be lawfully regarded as having agreed to their use of the services specified being governed by this Agreement.
  3. Mobile Data is subject to the  same terms as the “Afrihost DSL Service Terms”, except where otherwise specified. For the purposes of Payment, Termination, Monitoring of Usage, and Liability, please also refer to the ADSL Service Terms.
  4. Afrihost may offer other Mobile data products in the future, such as Prepaid and Uncapped services, which will be governed by these terms and such future services are included in these terms specifically or by association.

Coverage and Signal Availability

  1. Delivery of Mobile bandwidth is dependent on signal availability and demand for data services in any particular area. Afrihost does not warrant or guarantee service for any specific areas, whilst every effort will be made to give Clients an indication of possible service (via the Coverage Map). Afrihost accepts no liability should the aforementioned map differ to actual data service experienced.

Rollover of Bandwidth

  1. Please note that the rollover of unused bandwidth is only offered with Afrihost's prepaid packages (prepaid data may also expire under certain conditions based on 12 month validity of data). If the Client selects a fixed cap package, bandwidth not utilised during the relevant period is not carried over and is lost. A fixed cap subscriber will then be re-allocated bandwidth at the commencement of the next month.

"Topping-up" Bandwidth

  1. If the Client exhausts the purchased bandwidth or reach the fixed cap, the Client will be hard-capped. This means that no further access will be provided thereafter.
  2. A Top Up may be subject to different terms and conditions and any pricing or promotions applicable to the monthly purchased package may not necessarily apply to the Top Up.

Identity Verification Requirements (RICA)

  1. Use of the Services is subject to ID verification and / or proof of address, required by RICA (the Regulation of Interception of Communication Act of 2009). Clients are required to present their original valid Identity Document, as well as a clear, legible copy. Non-South African citizens may submit a copy of their valid Passport along with supporting documents upon request. Verification documents must contain photo identification. Failure to produce ID verification for an account will result in the product not being activated or handed over, regardless of any pro-rata amounts billed.
  2. Should the Client cancel all current valid mobile data Services, ID verification will be required to sign up for new Services. ID verification will not be requested as long as verified mobile data Services remain active.

Visit our RICA Information page for more information on how our RICA process works and what documents are acceptable.

Device Payment Plan

  1. These terms and conditions apply to a Mobile Device that is on a payment plan.
  2. This is for Clients who have opted to pay for the Mobile Device over 12 months.
  3. Signing up for a monthly payment plan means a Client is liable for all 12 payments for the device, which are payable in monthly instalments.
  4. The data is not bound to the payment plan. Clients will continue to pay all of the outstanding payments for the device, even if they cancel the data.
  5. A Client can cancel the data at any time before the 25th of the month they want to cancel in. Any cancellation after the 25th will go into effect at the end of the following month.
  6. The Device Payment Plan does not qualify for the 60 days Double Your Money Back guarantee.

Revision History

These terms were last updated 15 Nov, 2014. You can view other versions below.

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