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Afrihost T&Cs

Terms & Conditions

Afrihost Mobile

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These Terms and Conditions are subject to the provisions 
of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, such provision will be effective only to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability, without affecting the remainder of these Terms and Conditions or any other provision under these Terms and Conditions. Note: MTN draws your attention to clauses 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10 and 
11 as well as any clauses that appear in bold.

These clauses may contain an assumption of risk and/or liability by you; limit and/or exclude Mobile Telephone Networks (Proprietary) Limited, registration number: 1993/001436/07 ("MTN") from certain liabilities, obligations and legal responsibilities towards you and other persons; limit and/or exclude certain of your rights and remedies against MTN; place various risks, liabilities, obligations and/or legal responsibility upon you; and allow MTN to have other claims or rights against you.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. Use of this SIM card and the Afrihost Service constitutes acceptance of both the Afrihost and MTN Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Acceptable Use Policy. The aforementioned policies are available for viewing at and respectively.

Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-related Information Act 70 of 2002 ("RICA")

1. You must RICA for your cell phone number to be active on the MTN network. To RICA, take your ID book/passport and proof of residence (not more than three (3) months old) to any MTN store, Afrihost Walk-in Centre, or Afrihost Delivery Agent.

2. Change of ownership - If you decide to give your SIM card to somebody else (except to a family member) both of you must approach an MTN RICA officer to initiate the change of ownership process. The person, to whom you are giving or selling the SIM card, must provide their identity book and proof of residence to the MTN RICA officer.


1. MTN reserves the right to cancel your cell phone number on the MTN network, if you do not use your cell phone number for 90 (ninety) or more consecutive days.

2. Afrihost will, for as long as you have an active account, keep topping up the airtime balance to ensure the number is not cancelled.

3. Should you opt out of the Afrihost service you will need to ensure you load airtime, make a voice call or send an SMS at least every 89 (eighty nine) days to keep your number active. 

Value Added Services (VAS)

1. VAS are offered at the discretion of MTN and MTN may withdraw them at any time, with notice to you. Please note that some VAS are offered by third parties that are independent from MTN. As such, you will be billed for such VAS services at the rates of such independent third parties. You must ensure that you have acknowledged and accepted the Terms and Conditions as well as the applicable rates of all VAS to which you are subscribed.

3.2. MTN will not be liable for the costs or any loss, or damage suffered by you, as a result of you using such VAS.

SIM swap

1. You must be RICA-compliant in order to conduct a SIM swap. You will be able to keep your preferred MTN cell phone number (if it is still active and available on the MTN network). You will also be able to keep your MTN airtime balance, MTN PayAsYouGo price plan option and any credits or subscriptions you had, once a SIM swap has been performed.

2. You will be required to comply with MTN security questions so that MTN can be sure that you are the legitimate user of the cell phone number.

Moving from MTN PayAsYouGo

1. If you want to move from your MTN PayAsYouGo price plan to an MTN contract, all MTN Number4Life rules apply.

2. You will forfeit any unused airtime on your MTN PayAsYouGo price plan before you move. This means that you will be able to keep your cell phone number if you comply with the MTN Number4Life rules, but your unused airtime values will not be transferred to your MTN contract. 

3. If you want to move from the MTN network to another mobile network and keep your cell phone number, Mobile Number Portability (MNP) gives you the ability to move to another mobile network and keep your cell phone number. 

4. A Caller Line Identity (CLI) validation will need to be done to ensure that the number being ported is in your possession.

5. You will lose any unused airtime, data and SMS values, benefits, content, credits (all MTN services) and your voicemail messages when you move to another mobile network.

Your Responsibilities

1. You will be responsible for your MTN SIM card from the moment that you take delivery of the MTN SIM card.

2. MTN will not be responsible for any loss of or damage to the MTN SIM card. This will also apply to the airtime voucher (where applicable), or any MTN airtime associated with the SIM card or cell phone number.

3. When you use this SIM card, you agree that you will not use (or allow another to use) the MTN network services, including the SIM card, to be used
for any improper or unlawful purpose, in a manner which may cause injury or damage to persons or  property or which may impair or interrupt the MTN network.

4. You will only use mobile device types approved by ICASA, the Regulatory Authority; together with the SIM card provided to you by MTN on the MTN network (please see for more details). You further agree that you will not (or allow another to) alter, modify or tamper with the software contained in, or relating to, any SIM card or mobile device. MTN reserves the right to block your mobile device from operating on the MTN network. 

5. If your mobile device, airtime and/or SIM card is lost or stolen you must in terms of law, report such loss or theft to the South African Police Service immediately. You may be found guilty of a criminal offence if you fail to do this.

SIM card warranty

Your SIM card warranty is 6 (six) months, but if the SIM card has been destroyed due to the PUK number being entered incorrectly more than 9 (nine) times, or user negligence, MTN will not be under any obligation to replace the SIM card free of charge.

Limitation of Liability

MTN is not responsible for a service (including but not limited to calls, SMSs or data usage) being interrupted and/or failing for any reason, or for any interruption in the MTN network services at the time of such service. Without limiting or reducing the other rights and remedies which MTN may have, and to the extent allowed by law, MTN reserves the right to, at any time, modify, suspend or discontinue the services, without liability to you or any third party. MTN will under no circumstance be liable to you for any error, delay, failure or non-availability of the service, and you indemnify MTN against any damage or loss you may sustain as a result of possession and/or use of the SIM card, MTN network services, or any error, delay, failure or non-availability of the service. MTN may at any time suspend your access to, or use of, the whole or a part of the services if any modification, maintenance or remedial work must be undertaken in relation to the MTN network or the services, provided that MTN will use reasonable endeavours to reduce the period of the suspension due to the modification, maintenance or remedial work and will endeavour to notify you in advance of this suspension. MTN will not be required to notify you in advance when the modification, maintenance or remedial work required is due to an emergency.

Privacy and Data Protection

By making use of your MTN SIM card, you consent to the MTN data collection, use and sharing practices described in our MTN Privacy Policy, which can be viewed at You may, if you so wish, contact our call centre or our PAIA officer at or by calling 011 912 5900 for information on how your personal data is used by MTN.

Modification of Terms and Conditions

1. MTN reserves the right, at any time, to change these Terms and Conditions and any rules relating to its products and services, to modify its products and services at its discretion as well as its rates/charges applicable to MTN products and services. MTN will endeavour to give you at least 20 business days prior written notice of any changes or amendments referred to in these Terms and Conditions, but is entitled to give you a shorter period of notice.

2. MTN is also entitled to give you no prior notice where it is necessary in order to comply with law or with the requirements of the Regulatory Authority. Written notice may include SMSs sent by MTN to your mobile device. It may also include emails sent to you by MTN, or a voice call recorded by an official MTN call centre.

3. All details, Terms and Conditions, and rules and rates relating to MTN products and services may be found on

Afrihost - Reseller Terms and Conditions

1. In the case of a stolen/lost SIM, you shall notify MTN of the stolen/lost SIM. MTN will NOT stop the service on the stolen/lost SIM for prepaid.  You can apply for a SIM Swap by following the “How to do a SIM Swap” process on this Starter pack.

2. In order for Afrihost to be able to provide you with your balance and call summary information, and usage threshold notifications, you are required to dial the following USSD string *141*774# and follow the USSD Menu prompts to complete the opt-in feature. Once you provide your consent by choosing the consent option, you will be giving MTN consent for Afrihost to be able to access your balances and call summary information and usage threshold notifications to enable Afrihost to provide you access to this information via their web or App services 

3. When you deactivate the Afrihost service offering via the Afrihost or MTN Call Centre at 173, your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) consent will automatically be removed.  You may also remove the PII Consent by dialling the following USSD string *141*774# and follow the USSD Menu prompts to complete the Opt-out process. 

4. For SIM's distributed to you by Afrihost, the “myMTN” and Internet APN's will not be available by default.

5. If you want to cancel your service with Afrihost you will need to contact Afrihost to terminate any services that are no longer required. This can be done any time prior to the service being invoiced for the following month.

6. Afrihost should be contacted regarding all billing and support requirements relating to this mobile voice & data offering.

7. All usage threshold notifications for airtime balances will be provided by Afrihost. 

8. If you are using an Afrihost provided SIM, you will only be allowed to top up mobile data bundles via Afrihost channels as you will be using the “afrihost" APN for data.

9. If you opt in to the Afrihost offering as an Existing MTN Prepaid Subscriber using your existing SIM, you will be allowed to top up mobile data bundles from both Afrihost and other channels. You will be responsible for choosing the applicable APN for your use on your device (i.e. The Afrihost data offering will require the “afrihost" APN and any other data vouchers will need to be consumed on the “Internet” or "myMTN" APN).

10. Subscribers will be billed at International Roaming rates when roaming for both voice, data and other services regardless of their SIM affiliation i.e. supplied by Afrihost or other service provider. 

Revision History

These terms were last updated 10 Nov, 2015. You can view other versions below.

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