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Afrihost T&Cs

Terms & Conditions

Fibre Broadband

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Line Faults and Repairs

  1. Afrihost will be entitled to assume that the Fibre Line provisioned to a Client is in good working order until such time as the Client advises Afrihost Support of any problems or service breaks.
  2. Any faults or service interruption should be reported via one of the channels available on the afrihost website.
  3. The last mile provider will attend to faults reported by the Client during office hours and the relevant party will apply its reasonable endeavours to have the Fibre service restored in the shortest possible time.
  4. If the last mile provider determines that the fault reported by the Client was caused by the Client, the Client shall be liable for payment of the relevant call-out charge as determined by the last mile provider from time to time.

Applicable Documents

  1. The provision of Afrihost's Fibre Services are subject to Terms and Conditions.
  2. The following legal documents accordingly apply to the provision of Afrihost Fibre Services and are binding on any subscriber to such service:
    1. Afrihost's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), available on the Afrihost Website;

    2. Each last mile provider's Standard Terms and Conditions for the provision of Services.

      1. Vumatel Standard Terms and Conditions

      2. Openserve Standard Terms and Condition

      3. Octotel Standard Terms and Conditions

      4. TT Connect Standard Terms and Condition

  3. Clients and potential clients are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the content of these documents, which are incorporated by reference into these Terms and Conditions.

Service availability and confirmation of service availability

  1. The availability of Fibre Services are subject to the following:
    1. Valid and operational last mile provider service.
  2. Potential clients should confirm the availability of the last mile provider service in their particular location prior to purchasing or ordering any Fibre service or hardware from Afrihost. The availability of Fibre services can be checked via our Fibre Availability Map on our website, but Afrihost makes no warranty as to the accuracy of this resource, which are provided by our last mile provider partners.
  3. Applicants will be advised after receipt of an order as to whether the relevant Fibre service can be provided.

Service Credit

  1. If the Client wishes to make a claim for service downtime, the Client must log a dispute with Afrihost, which will take the matter up with the relevant last mile provider. Any refund will be made to the Client by Afrihost, which has sole discretion whether to accept the Client’s claim. Such credit will exclude any claims for Slow Access, Intermittent Service and any other fault type except No Service faults.
  2. The calculation of time periods for the purpose of calculating any service credit shall only commence upon the reporting of any fault to Afrihost Support.


  1.  Cancellations are made as per the General Terms, and will only be accepted from within ClientZone.
  2. Cancellation of any Fibre service (Data or Line rental) is the Client's responsibility and all tools to effect such cancellation are provided in ClientZone. The Client is responsible for ensuring that such cancellation of service is actioned with due attention to terms of cancellation, as well as cancellation conditions which require the Client to specifically indicate a required process (for example whether an Fibre Line Rental service should be moved back to the last mile provider or cancelled entirely). Should the Client incorrectly complete the cancellation process, Afrihost will not be liable for any additional costs or compensation to the Client due to the error.


  1. Amendments to these terms and conditions will be made as set out in the General Terms.
  2. The Last Mile provider’s Standard Terms and Conditions for the provision of Services also apply to this Service, and may change from time to time. The Client is obliged to check for changes to such terms.

Monitoring of Usage

  1. Afrihost monitors its systems for performance and accounting purposes. The information gained thereby and by any other means may be used to ensure compliance with the Service Terms and our Acceptable Use Policy.

Identity Verification Requirements (RICA)

  1. Use of the Services is subject to ID verification and / or proof of address, required by RICA (the Regulation of Interception of Communication Act of 2009). Clients are required to email, fax or upload the relevant documents;
    1. a full coloured, clear, legible copy of their valid Identity Document or Driver's License.
    2. Non-South African citizens may submit a copy of their valid Passport or International Driver's License.
  2. Verification documents must contain photo identification.
  3. Failure to produce ID verification for an account will result in the product not being activated, regardless of any pro-rata amounts billed.
  4. Should the Client cancel all current valid Afrihost Services, ID verification will be required to sign up for new Services. ID verification will not be requested as long as verified Afrihost Services remain active.