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Getting Started

Build your own website within minutes. You can build your own fully functional website and include great features like full e-commerce functionality, receive payment via PayPal, social media (Facebook, Twitter apps). There are lots of widgets to choose from (news, event calendars, booking engines, guest books, photo galleries and more).


Add Photos

Adding photos to your website is so easy with the incredible widget use provided with the site builder. All you have to do is drag the photo widget to an area you want the photo and drop. That's it, drag and drop.

Add multiple photos around your site or even create stunning photo books and galleries. The CM4all Site Builder also supports video playback, and allows you to upload your videos and share them with the world.


My Online Store

Selling your goods online is now a hassle free process with the Site Builder. Easily manage all your products in the backend of your site, set up product categories to organise your goods, add shipping and tax rates to your store in no time.

The shopping cart allows you to upload images for all your products so you can show off your awesome stuff.


Get Social

Want to add your Twitter feed or a Facebook plugin?

Simply drag and drop the widget where you want it to be displayed. Don't stress about difficult setup processes as the Site Builder takes care of it all for you! All you need to do is enter your username and that's it.

Your friends will be following your feeds in no time!


CM4all is an easy to use website builder that anyone can understand. With drag and drop features, pre-made themes and easy to
use plugins, building a website with CM4all is really easy! Create photo galleries, connect with social networks and more.

Want to create your own website but don't know how? Then CM4all is for you.

CM4all Demo Websites

Want to see the results? Head over to our demo websites we created using the CM4all Website Builder and see what you can
achieve with our Site Builder.


What you can do with CM4ALL

The website builder comes with plenty of widgets which you can simply drag and drop to where you want. Style your new website
the way you want with a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) theme editor which allows you to change fonts, colours, images, backgrounds and more.

Want to sell products online? You can set up a Shopping Cart to get your product out there. Manage your products
with an easy to use product editor.

Site Builder Features

Shopping Cart
Sell your products online with various payment methods.
Photo Gallery
Share those precious memories with Galleries & Slideshows.
Contact Form
Let your visitors comments and requests come directly to you.
Take Bookings
Set up your own reservation system with ease.
Video Player
Embed and Share your videos from any video provider.
Provides visitors with the option to leave a comments & notified.
Provide your visitors with external podcasts.
Show a compact overview about the latest news and posts.
Display your location & directions on an interactive map.
Allow files and documents to be downloaded from your site.

Multimedia Support

The multimedia file manager allows for uploading and managing of all kinds of multimedia resources. Documents as well as
photo, video and music files are conveniently uploaded via drag & drop. Multiple files can be added to the drop zone
directly from any file browser and uploaded simultaneously.

The integrated media archive also includes more than 1,500 fully licensed high-quality images structured in categories
that match the available website topics and industry sectors. The categories help users find the right match for their content.

Can Google access my site?

To improve search engine ranking, the site builder enables users to enter a website title, global keywords and a description text which is
displayed in search engine results. Furthermore, page specific titles, keywords and descriptions can be defined without interfering
with the global settings. During the publishing process a sitemap.xml file is automatically generated to support crawlers
in finding and indexing the website.

In addition to the standard SEO functionality, you can conveniently integrate Google Analytics® and other external web statistic tools to
track and understand visitors' behaviour and site usage. Simply choose your statistics provider and enter the given code
snippet which is then automatically added to the html code when the website is published.

How can I get it?

The CM4all Website builder is an added feature on all our Linux Pro Hosting Packages.

  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Cost Free Free Free Free
Version Limited Version Limited Version Full Version Full Version
Units* 20 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Pages 11 11 Unlimited Unlimited
Please Note: You can upgrade your version of CM4all in the CM4all SiteBuilder. CM4all is only available on Linux Pro Shared Hosting Packages.
* 20 Units included in Limited Edition. One Webpage constitutes 2 Units. The Website homepage is included at 0 Units. Widgets also have unit values.