• 20 Sep

Welcome to our new site

We’re really excited about our new website and our revamped brand. We’d love to hear your thoughts on it all. Please feel free to leave your comments…

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Rory said

Very very sexy site.

siba said

Congratulations on relauch!!!

Pieter said

I like the new look. Your site is now easier to navigate than before. Afrihost will be my ISP for a very long time. Support is also great. Keep up the good work!

Ramo Phalatsi said

Really impressed with the new site, it’s clean, inviting and clearly a lot of thought has gone into the UI - well done

Lamont Niemann said

Great work with the new website Afrihost.com team! I think the website is very cool and I thank you all for the great service every day. Keep it up :-)

Patrick Mofokeng said

I love the new website its very nice, i just wish the text was a little darker.
its a bit too grey and for some of us with not a 20/20 vision have a bit of trouble seeing.
I thought it was my firefox browser but its the same on IE 8 too.
But overrally its awesome,keep up the great work guys.

Tessa Kleingeld said

Congrats on the new look guys! It’s looking slick! Also love the added functionality.

Prince said

Geart website,

I’m glad it came along with Mabiz IT Solutions making a new deal with you guys. Its a great feeling.

Jeandre said

The new site looks great =D Love the new logo looks etc.

Keep up the great work!

Vadim Ford said

Awesomely kewl site for an awesomely kewl crew…you guys are the REAL DEAL when it comes to ADSL and an inspiration when it comes to CUSTOMER SERVICE - I couldn’t believe that you were South Africa. You’ve far exceeded my wildest expectation. You the kinda company guys like me would love to be involved with.

Hendrik Smit said

Your website’s text and headings is upside down when utilizing Internet Explorer 9 Beta, looks great with Google Chrome.

Nuguan Harmse said

Hi Afrihost
Very impressed with the new appearance.  Receiving good uncapped service from you and nice to be associated with a professional team.  Go from strength to strength and I will always support good professional service.


Andre said

Very nice site, easier to navigate, more professional…. very impressed. 

Well Done!

James said

Love the new website - very pro and nicely polished. It suits Afrihost’s services much more than the old website.

AJ said

Stunning. Clean and easy to read. Well done!

Etienne said

AfriHost is the BEST!!!!

I joined AfriHost about 6 years ago and since then the level of service and stability was OUTSTANDING, I cannot recall any downtime for any of my clients I loaded onto my VAP account and even my own domains run like clockwork, THAT NEEDS TO BE MENTIONED, AfriHost you are GREAT!
the new products, Brand & Site are just awesome!

Maurice Hare said

Well done lads & lasses your new website is cool !
My only comment would be the same as Patrick’s, as we get older we do need a bit more contrast to read all the good news!

Royneck said


René - Hermanus said

I am sooooo satisfied with Afrihost and the support is really outstanding. Thanks for the great effort guys you really are the STARS!

Rob Harmon said

Great job on your new look!  It’s very clean and has enough open space to give your eyes a break. The logic behind the design is free flowing and works well.  As a new customer I look forward to a great relationship in the coming years.  Kudos on a job well done.

Anthony Joffe said

The colours work, fast to the clip, very pleasant to walk through and browse. Very well done!

Jakes said

Great service, awesome website very interactive and user friendly!

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