• 29 Jun

Slow International Access on ADSL

All our ADSL clients have been experiencing limited or no international Internet access since this morning. We apologise for the inconvenience and frustration caused, we understand this has impacted our clients in many ways.

Between 3am and 4am this morning, Telkom's SAT 3 cable went down, due to a physical fault on the submarine cable.

Afrihost’s network runs over both the SAT 3 and SEACOM cables, and when the SAT 3 cable failed, all traffic was routed via SEACOM. All affected ISP’s are now competing for ADSL and Hosting traffic on the SEACOM cable, which has reached capacity, rendering international service intermittent or non-existent.

We are assured that the cable repair is already underway. Although initial indications were that the repair would be completed within 1 or 2 days, recently received information indicates that the issue could be resolved by 6pm this evening.

We will be monitoring the repairs and traffic over the network closely to ensure that we can offer the maximum international connectivity until then.

We are truly sorry this happened, and even though this has been out of our control to a large entent, we’d like to assure our clients that we’ve committed every available resource to ensuring that they get maximum connectivity during this time.

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Paul said

It’s been an extremely frustrating day, but thanks for trying your best to resolve an issue that was beyond your control. I know you guys always go the extra mile.

Hopefully it’s sorted soon.

William Segal said

I seriously doubt that any other ISP would have sent us an sms informing us as it occurred. Afrihost rocks!

CJ de Jongh said

Thanks for being a excellent service provider !

Gert Oosthuizen said

Just after 4am and I’m averaging normal speeds. Hope this means the problem has been taken care of :)

Craig said

Thanks for the news, I was surprised to get the SMS, Facebook post and press release. Most companies say “what problem?” and hope it goes away. Well done for being forthright, honest and quick to communicate.

Philip said

I win the internet!!!

PS - thanks for the update and sms’s.

Aubrey said

Afrihost Rocks!!!

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