R22 million given to Afrihost’s Clients
  • 21 Aug

R22 million given to Afrihost’s Clients

We launched our exclusive Mobile Data Pre-Order offering yesterday - Our clients were able to claim a FREE MiFi Device (worth approximately R1,000) along with a Mobile Two Data package of 5GB for R145 per month.

Over 8,000 free MiFi devices were ultimately given away, which combined with the extra 3GBs given monthly for at least 6 months, amounted to over R22 million rand in value!

Our initial offer was limited to 1,000 free MiFis and went live at exactly 10am. Clients could use unique links sent to them by email or claim via their ClientZone, ensuring that everyone had a chance to claim the offer.

We quadrupled our server capacity in anticipation of signups, but were still surprised (and humbled) by the overwhelming response. The load on our server caused some clients signup experience to be less than ideal in the first 10-15 minutes, while others were not able to claim the offer due to slow access.

Despite these issues, the 1,000 FREE MiFi's were claimed in approximately  20 minutes.

In response, we decided to make another 4,000 MiFs available on the offer, and re-opened signups. Having resolved the technical issues, clients had a much better experience, and the free Mifis were quickly claimed. We then decided to make even more units available, adding another 3,000 Mifis.

In the end we gave away over 8000 Mifi devices.

Considering that our Mobile Two offer is already subsidised, with the 2GB offer being supplemented by 3GB Anytime Data  for FREE for the next 6 months, the combined value given back exclusively to our clients amounted to over R22 million! This does not even include additional subsidies for FREE SIM cards and FREE delivery on all packages, provided by us.

So how did we do this?

We used our marketing budget to subsidise the offer. Instead of spending the millions to market our new Mobile Data offering using traditional advertising we chose to rather reward our clients. We believe the client loyalty and word of mouth generated will be the best form of marketing for our new Mobile product.

We are currently offering a limited revised Pre-Order offer to clients and friends of clients with a paid MiFi device, discounted from launch price (R996) to a very affordable R796, along with the special Mobile Two offering of 5GBs for R145 per month.

Click here for more information.

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The Happy Client said

I am happy to have contributed and still contribute to the word of mouth advertising. I can’t wait for my FREE MiFi to land on my door. I will enjoy my new mobile deal when I am not home, as my 2Mbps Uncapped ADSL from Afrihost is just too awesome to miss. Now I’ll have both.

Donovan said

Afrihost rocks! Can’t wait for delivery! Thanks guys.

George said

Thanks Afrihost! I wish you all the luck and may this endeavor where you decided to market directly to your loyal clients first proof to be a huge success. I was lucky enough to secure a device in the second set of devices made available, and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Andre Nortje said

Can not see how you can lose with the good service you give!

tracey kock said

Love you Afrihost!

Refiloe said

I’ve just signed up with Afrihost. What a sterling service! I have no doubts regarding my expectations being met.

Charles said

Signed up with Afrihost Mobile Data and what an amazing and excellent experience using it! Extremely fast connections, superb download speeds! Will recommend to anyone and everyone

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