ISP of the Year 2013
  • 09 Oct

ISP of the Year 2013

Afrihost takes top honours for the THIRD year in a row!

We've broken all the records by clinching the MyBroadband Conference ISP of the Year Award for the third year running! No other ISP has ever won the award three times, let alone three years in row! The award is a welcome recognition of an extremely successful year for us.

We made a clean sweep of the 2013 awards by winning not only the ISP of the Year, but also IT Personality of the Year for our charismatic CEO Gian Visser, and best Company Representative on the MyBroadband forums. The accolades belong to the entire Afrihost Team, whose team work and pursuit of excellence have made these achievements possible.

We successfully migrated our DSL network onto MTN, boasting much more capacity and local network infrastructure. The improved speeds and low latency performance attracted many new clients onto our broadband network. Our introduction of transparent and dynamic shaping, over traditional Uncapped throttling, made our all-you-can-eat style internet a very attractive option.

We then enhanced our Business DSL products by offering guaranteed unshaped bandwidth 24 hours a day, along with attractively priced bundles, which perfectly suit small to medium enterprises (and as well individuals looking for an Unshaped Uncapped solution).

We further cemented our leading position by dropping our Capped DSL prices by up to 60%, offering DSL from less than R4 per GB.

The jewel in our crown is undoubtedly our new Mobile Data offering, which has created a lot of buzz on the internet and on the airwaves. Although we did not win a prize in the Mobile Broadband category (the only eligible category we did not win in this year) we definitely have our sights set on next year's award.

The real winners will always be our loyal clients, whose continued support has spurred us to go further to provide the very best service and products. We humbly accept the awards with a promise that we will continue to strive to offer a unique and amazing experience to all our clients.

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Andre said

I agree with each and every positive remark above about Afrihost’s service.  You are like a beacon of bright light on a long night of very poor service delivery. Don’t know how many years I’ve been a client now, but I got told about Afrihost by another client and others are now clients because I told them about Afrihost. Way to go, Afrihost!

Tana Schultze said

Congratulations to the Afrihost team! We are delighted that you have won. You are definitely well deserving of your award and I am so happy to be part of your growth and to be your client. Well done and I hope the new year holds more successes for you!

Pieter said

Refreshing to be serviced by people who deserve our thanks. Enjoy the fuzzy feeling!

J Genade said

Congratulations! You are the best ISP ever!

Emmarentia Kuipers said

Baie geluk julle is waarlik voortreflik!

Aazie Choksi said

Well done! Your service its 10 out 10 and great value for money!

Jan said

Afrihost all the way!

Andre Dorfling said

Congrats guys! Totally deserved! Innovative and by far the best client service I have ever experienced from an ISP. I even got a random call because I tweeted you guys a question and the person resolved my query. I was totally blown away. Your support guys go out of their way to assist, even when speaking to a dummy like me sometimes. I recently started using your DSL products after using your Mobile product for a few months and I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to switch to Afrihost! Keep on winning! Keep on looking after your clients and I cant see anything stopping you!

Yaaseen said

Afrihost FTW! (For The Win)

Johan G said

Wonderful Afrihost, you rocked 2013! Great job on the Mobile Data options. Afrihost is the best ISP ever!

Theresa Langford said

Hi Gian, congrats on all the awards!!! So proud to be a customer! I have referred a lot of clients to you so far and I will def keep on doing it! You’re the best!!!!!

yimer said


themba mlimo said

You guys are the best keep on grabbing those rewards, You deserve them! I’m happy to be your client :)

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