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Get DSL Broadband For Only R1 This September
  • 13 Sep

Get DSL Broadband For Only R1 This September

In September we’re giving away broadband internet for almost nothing with the R1 Steal Promotion. The promotion offers you the chance to sign up for ANY Monthly Capped or Uncapped DSL Package in September and only pay R1. That’s just R1 for the package of your choice, which includes our awesome new Free-Time and Double-Data features on Capped DSL.

We offer fast, reliable internet, catering to everyone from the casual internet user to large businesses. Our Capped DSL Packages range from 1GB to 2TB and we offer several Uncapped DSL Packages too - all of which are included in the R1 Steal Promotion.  

This promotion will allow you to easily and affordably try out any of our Monthly Capped and Uncapped DSL Packages. If you don’t wish to continue with the product after the promotion you can simply cancel before 23 September without ever paying more than R1! And if you want to continue enjoying great connectivity, you’ll be charged the regular price from October onwards.

The R1 Steal Promotion is valid for all signups in September 2016. Clients who signed up before 13 September will be credited the difference to their Afrihost account. The promotion will also extend to DSL Bundles, however the R1 deal is only applicable to the data purchased, clients will still be required to pay the regular price for the line rental.

*Clients migrating their line will pay R1 for their data on sign up and will pay for the line once it has been moved to Afrihost. Clients signing up for a new line will only be billed once the line is active. If the line only activates in October, clients will pay R1 pro-rata for their October data, on condition that sign up was done in September. 

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