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Get Double Double-Data with Afrihost Plus+
  • 14 Sep

Get Double Double-Data with Afrihost Plus+

We have always focused on finding ways to delight our clients, and now we are rewarding you with the most affordable data in South Africa. For the first time ever, we will be giving Afrihost Plus+ clients Double their Double-Data. This means that you’ll be paying a little over 50c per GB, the lowest effective rate ever in South Africa for Capped DSL!

In the past, we have run Double-Data promotions on our Capped DSL packages, but for the first time ever, we’re extending our Double-Data offer with Double Double-Data to clients signed up for Afrihost Plus+.

Clients with Afrihost Plus+ already receive several great benefits and add-ons to your products for only R99 per month. One of the favourites of the Afrihost Plus+ service is permanent Double-Data on Capped DSL Packages - However, in the past this has not applied if there is already a Promotional Double-Data special running - Now that has changed.

Here’s how Capped Double-Data Promotions work - if you purchase a 100GB Capped DSL Package you are allocated 100GB of Monthly Data. You will then receive an additional 100GB of Promotional Data, which means you’ll get 200GB of data each month.    

Now, clients signed up for Afrihost Plus+ are getting Double their Double-Data, which means you’ll effectively get up to 4x the data you are normally allocated. In the example above, this means that you’ll receive an additional 200GB of Afrihost Plus+ Data. All in all, if you’re on the Afrihost 100GB Capped DSL Package with Afrihost Plus+, you’ll receive 400GB of data in total to use whenever and however you wish.

If you are currently signed up with Afrihost Plus+ you merely need to choose which product you want to add your Double-Data to, and if it’s a product that comes with Double-Data promotionally, you’ll receive Double your Double-Data every month.

Afrihost Plus+

Stream 32 million songs. Double-up your Monthly Data on Mobile, DSL and Fibre. Get 500MBs of Mobile Data, Turbocharges on Uncapped DSL, 2-for-1 Data Topups on Mobile, DSL and Fibre. Plus so much more. All for only R99 per month!

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