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  • 31 Aug

It’s “Game On” with Afrihost and rAge!

It’s that awesome time of the year again when Gamers, PC fundi’s and everyone who just loves a good taste of the latest gadgets get together for the one of the biggest expo’s of the year.

Now in it’s 10th year, rAge is the brainchild of NAG magazine, SA’s leading authority on the gaming industry. The idea is awesome: instead of just reading about the latest trends in gaming, rAge puts them in your hands – with over 25,000 attendees, that’s a lot of hands! With loads of stages, stalls and presentations, this is a chance to see, feel and play EVERYTHING. For the serious gamer (i.e. NOT faint of heart) there is the NAG LAN that attracts over 2,000 gamers a year for 53 hours of non-stop gaming!

We think this is so cool, that you HAVE to be there! So we’ve decided to declare the month leading up to the expo as rAge Month! And to celebrate this, we’ll be giving away an incredible 60 double tickets to rAge, courtesy of NAG Magazine! These are valued at R120 each, so that’s an INCREDIBLE R7,200 in prizes!!

How it works

Every Friday in September (i.e. 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th) we’ll be giving away 15 double tickets between 12:30pm and 14:00pm.

What do you need to do?

If you’re on Twitter – Send us a tweet  on a Friday during September and include #rAge2012, and tell us why you should get a double ticket to rAge.

If you’re not on Twitter – Post a comment on this article on a Friday during September about why you should be the one of the lucky recipients!

What’s the catch?

1. You need to post on a Friday in September between 12:30pm and 14:00pm to qualify. We’ll be choosing the winning entries each week and posting the winners the following Monday.

2. You need to be ready, willing and able to make your own transport arrangements to attend the expo and collect your tickets.

Good luck, and we'll see you at rAge!



Friday 7th September 2012

Twitter:-  @nukehead, @TimRadue,  @thepoizone, @zerogreen,  @shawnbotha, @Cynicster, @EndKreator, @car_teix

Website:- Werner Pirow, Jonathan, Hein, Matthew Walsh, Jaco Ferriera, MRW, Kent

Friday 14th September 2012

Twitter:- @StevenMcD, @Vuyisile_Sisulu, @Mash_RocknRolla, @QQishgood, @FTG_BlaCKMaiL, @paulcoetzer, @princessruw, @thehalf_8,  @CattleSpeed, @Thatguyjoel7

Website:- Mauritz Swanepoel, Fernando Manuel, Andre, Gary De Beer, Tiaan

Friday 21st September

Twitter:- @martyparty420, @21son, @Panda_Steve, @CptMonde, @littlehitler, @Jizzylebig, @ErwinKempff, @viiShrugged, @KrispyRen, @TheHannoNat0r, @Daggerjacker

Website:- Grant van Gelder, FTI, Scott, Renier Viljoen

Friday 28th September

Twitter:- @AylaRudman, @NankeSupra, @77Tatz77, @Heydenrych2011, @Pabizo, @WarrenFoxley, @TsumeAlphaWolf, @Sairab6Khan, @waldidw, @Jacovdbergh 

Website:- Mity, Albert, Fregile Sibanda, Johannes Louw, Rozanne

Congratulations to all our winners!! Please email us at and find out how to claim your prize!!

46 Cool Comments Leave a comment
sheraaz said


luigi said

Ah sweet, love it!

Christopher Dando said

I’m the only one of my friends who isn’t going - we’ve gone to most of them in previous years, but this year I’m the only one not going because I couldn’t get my ticket in time :(

If I can win a ticket I shall spread the gospel of afrihost across the land!

Hein said

I will appreciate it a lot to win a ticket !

Squigly said

Great to see ISP’s getting behind the event as well!!!

Afrihost for President!!

Pierre said

Me and my cousin really want to go to rAge…  I Beseech thee! Bestow unto me thine righteous rAge tickets!

Ndumiso Nyathi said

Every year I am always at the show, this year can’t be an exception! Last year I got a nice ADSL voucher from Afrihost. I can’t wait to be part of this one again.

Lee Harrison said

I’m flying down to JHB that weekend to go. Please, please give me a ticket so I can take my GF there. We haven’t been there before and would love to go this year!

Steven Pelser said

I will be at Rage due to me qualifying for the GT5 finals. My 2 sons want to join me to watch the races so the double tickets will be perfect! Afrihost’s reliable connection and constant speed enabled me to qualify so how awesome will it be if they get my boys there to watch the final.

Amit Patel said

Its the only time I get to meet all of my online gaming clan-mates!

Paul Prinsloo said

13:59 on my clock.
If my I do not get ticket, my son will pester and bother me for weeks to come. Please, save me from that, so I can go and show him how real gamers gather.

Joseph Banda said

This will be very exciting,especially double tickets for me and my son.

Louis said

Rage is awesome and I want the free tickets so I can spend the entry fees on cool gadgets instead ;-)

Adrian said

Would be nice if I got free tickets, then I can save some cash for my plane ticket from CPT.

Jaco Ferreira said

It would be great to go, make contact with the newest and latest technology out there, to see where we’re heading as an employee of the IT sector in RSA. The added benefit would be to educate my baby brother (9 years) on technology, and to actually treat him to a fun day with me and my fiance. I think we’ll all enjoy it!

Matthew Walsh said

For 10 years I have wanted to go to RAGE and THIS is THE year that is shall come to pass!! There will be no surrender, no quarters given. It SHALL be done!

MRW said

Dear Afrihost, I recently got my girlfriend into PC and PS3 games, she really enjoys playing Diablo 3, a ticket from you can only improve our gaming situation!

Hein said

I want to win the Tickets for my Dad and Mom for supporting me to attend the NAG LAN 2012 so that they can enjoy a day at the expo .... THANKS

kent said

i love gaming and El33tonline’s Gears of War Wednesdays :D

Jonathan said

Since i missed rage LAN tickets, i could go stand on the side line and watch my clan play :( *Big sad puppy looking eyes*

Werner Pirow said

Give me a set of double tickets, or I’ll follow you home!! ;-)

(Obviously, I wouldn’t. As you said, something witty)

chickenbeef said

I’ve never been to rAge before and I’ve heard it’s awesome. Would be nice to experience the awesomeness myself :P

Mauritz Swanepoel said

Hey Afrihost! Please make my day and give me double tickets to rAge. I have been an avid gamer for many years but recently lost touch due to work commitments. Please please please :)

fernando manuel said

Finally I can go home; there existed a place not bounded by anything except your skills and your perception of fun. For some its partying for 3 days, for other travelling and unfortunate for parent its “I-pad,Ipod,i-touch, I-phone and they-Pay” but for me it’s about going home and letting my eyes bleed for 3 days with no sleep and red bull on my side and killing nooobs all day.
It’s about seeing my bro and sis “dressed” in costume and they look just like me in the inside…I am so proud of them.
H.A.F, we going home, we will meet noobs on - Operation Metro, Pandaria, or on frostgorge sound or anywhere else on the map…..let’s hope the ship will not miss our S.O.S

Andre said

This will be our 4th year failing to get it. So please help us out on this one  ;)

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