• 18 Mar

Afrihost’s Mystery Bonus is no Whodunnit!

We recently announced that we would be running another Mystery Bonus promotion for all our Capped ADSL clients. Capped clients were asked to click on a link in an email to claim their Mystery Bonus, which could amount to up to 240% additional bandwidth added onto their March data allocation, potentially more than TRIPLING their data - at no cost to the client.

The additional Top Up was absolutely free and clients are under no obligation to do anything further to claim the reward.

Emails were sent to thousands of clients over a 48 hour period, which has now transpired, and many of our clients made sure they cashed in on the FREE extra bandwidth. But we have some awesome news for those who missed the email or didn't take the necessary steps to claim the bonus. We have done it for you. We have awarded FREE additional capped data to every single Capped ADSL user's account on our network. So it doesn't matter who did it (or if the butler didn't do it) - Our Capped clients are guaranteed FREE bonus bandwidth in March. 

As a result, we have allocated just under 1 Whole Petabyte (1 Petabyte is 1,024 Terrabytes and over a MILLION Gigabytes) of additional capped bandwidth to our loyal clients in March - absolutely FREE. That amounts to an accumulated value of several MILLION Rands, given back to our clients.

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Darren Buckley said

Flippin’ amazing.  That kind of service really makes a difference. Just wish I had more time to use it :p

Support-IT said

Thank you, Afrihost. I sure made use of my 45GB extra bandwidth I received. I try to use it all up, but there is only so much I WANT to do on the internet. You Tube sure had a lot of visits from me this month. :D (I’m not a big bandwidth waster :/ ).

Thanx once again!!!

Pieter said

I received an additional 120GB in the beginning of the month !!!  It is so cool :)
Afrihost should patent their innovation and services, they sure make the larger (and advertising ) ISPs look like yesterday’s boring old school and outdated companies.

Good job!

premal said

Your service has left a lasting impression..I recommend Afrihost to any1 I come across.
Can’t really ask for a better service.

Jacques Grobler said

Great service, great company ! Keep it up !
Should let us use it over 60 days !
Thanks !

theresa said

Thank you Afrihiost. I received a bonus of 40 Gigs of free data last month and my partner was ill so he had lots of time to sit around on the web and just use it. You guys are AWESOME!!!

Simon Gill said

Thanks Afrihost, those extra gigs went a long way.
Awesome work!

Andre said

Absolutely Fabulous!!!
Thanks, Afrihost, You guys are the best.
As always brilliant service and then some.

Kelvin Govender said

I received an additional 24GB last month. Thanks again, Afrihost, for the free stuff and great service.

Erika Fourie said

This was awesome, what a nice gift! Thank you, highly appreciated.

Michaelo said

You guys Rock! 60Gb what a prize!.  Thanks :)

Hamida said

I wondered why I got so much data when I topped up.
Thank you, Afrihost, I absolutely advertise for you.
Love you, Afrihost!

Edmund Verwey said

Thank you, Gian and team at Afrihost. I cannot stress what this means to an old guy, who’s living depends on the internet and, of course, ISP Afrihost.
I really enjoyed the extra cap, such a surprise to get a 2nd bonus cap.

Thanks, Afrihost.

Grant said

Thank you Afrihost! The extra GBs were a real treat this month (Just wish there were more hours in a day to use them all!)

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