Afrihost’s Capped Innovation
  • 18 Sep

Afrihost’s Capped Innovation

Following our successful Capped DSL Double Data promotion, we are going one step further and introducing a permanent Capped DSL offering to WOW existing and new clients.

We are slashing Capped DSL prices by up to 66%!  New clients signing up from 18 September will get a whole lot more data for their hard-earned Rands, while existing clients will automatically receive the additional data benefit as of 1 October. This amazing new offer means that Capped clients will pay as little as R3.99 per GB for Anytime Unshaped data - the lowest per GB price on the SA broadband market. This is not a promotion but a permanent offer!

Our top priority has always been to bring affordable Internet to South Africans! We first delighted the broadband community by introducing DSL data at R29 per GB in 2009. Even though others have followed, we continue to raise the bar by introducing Capped DSL at less than R4 per GB. If this weren’t enough - at R0.00 for 1GB, we still have the unofficial title of the cheapest monthly DSL product on the market.

Each existing Capped DSL client will soon receive a mail outlining changes to their packages, which will come into effect from 1 October. New clients can sign up now at the new prices on our website.

PackageNew PriceCost Per GB
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Danté said

When will it stop! I’m kidding very nice! Keep up the good work your company is doing!

Herman said

I love Afrihost!

Edlyn Siemers said

Joining Afrihost is the best move we ever made. Unbeatable client service. To say that we are blown away is putting things mildly.

Ivan said

You really look after your clients. I wish you go from strength to strength in your business.

Chris said

You guys are just the best!

Dirk Coetzee said

Afrihost never stop to amaze me. No doubt that you are the best in South Africa and revolutionised the whole industry. I am a very satisfied client and tell everybody about you. Never a dull day with Afrihost! You guys rock!

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