Afrihost VDSL Price Cut
  • 26 Sep

Afrihost VDSL Price Cut

We're slashing VDSL line prices on all VDSL Line rentals and Data Bundles. VDSL line pricing for 20mbps and 40mbps has dropped incredibly by up to 32%. The new pricing will also result in lower prices for VDSL lines and Capped, Uncapped and Business bundles.

We continue to offer a competitive rate for the growing VDSL market and we are price leaders with our Capped packages and DSL Data Tops.

The new bundle prices will take effect immediately for new signups and will automatically apply to existing accounts from 1st October. Capped and Business Bundles are guaranteed to be unshaped 24/7 with Double Data running on Capped Bundles until 31 December.

Lower costs, higher savings and faster speeds are all part of the Pure Internet Joy experience.  

For more information visit the Capped, Business and Uncapped Bundle pages. 

Uncapped VDSL Packages

PacakageOld Line RentalsNew Line Rental Data OnlyOld BundlesNew BundlesSavings
20mbpsR539R425R997R1 397R1 297R100
40mbpsR789R535R1 397R1 997R1 747R250

Business VDSL Packages 

PackageOld Line RentalNew Line RentalData OnlyOld BundlesNew BundlesSavings
20mbpsR539R425R1 897R2 297R2 197R100
40mbpsR789R535R2 297R3 397R3 147R250

Capped VDSL Packages 

PackagesOld Bundle PricingNew Bundle PricingSaving
75GB + 75GB/20mbpsR768R654R114
75GB + 75GB/40mbpsR1 018R764R254
100GB + 100GB/20mbpsR858R744R114
100GB + 100GB/40mbpsR1 108R854R254
300GB + 300GB/20mbpsR1 578R1 464R114
300GB + 300GB/40mbpsR1 828R1 574R254
400GB + 400GB/20mbpsR1 938R1 824R114
400GB + 400GB/40mbpsR2 188R1 934R254

* Correct at the time of publishing. Some product specifications may have changed.

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