• 04 Apr

Afrihost upgrades its Network

Our much anticipated network upgrade is finally complete. After announcing our partnership with MTN, as one of the fastest growing ISPs in the country, we’ve fulfilled our plan to expand our network and extrapolate on the benefits that come from partnering with one of the biggest telecoms networks on the continent. MTN has invested heavily in Broadband capacity both nationally and internationally, thus we saw the opportunity for our ADSL clients to benefit from this.
With Afrihost's move onto the MTN network late last year, our network capacity had expanded to 8Gbps, a 30% increase from the previous capacity of approximately 6Gbps on the IS network. In order for us to continue our efforts to deliver the best ADSL experience for our valued clients, we again expanded our network by an additional 60%.

From 8Gbps to a bigger and whopping 13Gbps, ADSL clients can now enjoy greater bandwidth capacity, faster internet and much improved throughput.

As of February and March 2013, Cape Town and Durban’s respective dedicated IPCs went live. We've also upgraded our city to city links between Cape Town/Johannesburg and Johannesburg/Durban, with the Cape Town/Port Elizabeth link due to be completed soon - this will improve our local network and ensure the best connectivity between cities, resulting in more efficient routing of traffic, which is now within the MTN core network as opposed to Telkom’s national network.

We have contracted Multi-Gbps connectivity on both of our primary cables EASSy and WACS, resulting in lightning quick international speeds and better throughput for users. Further to this our newly minted network also boasts multiple international redundancies, with capacity on several undersea cables.

As of March 2013, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban respectively enjoy 8Gbps, 3Gbps and 2Gbps dedicated IPCs with the new network upgrades. The entire 13Gbps network is fully operational.

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SA Resident said

Excellent Afrihost, I’m hoping that in time we can all move away from copper lines and the dependency on Telkom so we may enjoy ADSL at Broadband reliability and speeds consistently. A future without copper as basis could be very promising.


I like the company and I’m glad it is improving the IT industry. It will be my pleasure to work with this company after completing my degree in IT.

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