• 21 Aug

Afrihost Upgrades with its Best Uncapped Pricing EVER!

Along with ADSL Line Upgrades, we’re announcing 2Mpbs Uncapped that pound for pound knocks out the competition! AND we’re dropping our 10MBps Uncapped price to a jaw-dropping R797pm!!

There has been much speculation around Telkom's proposed upgrades for ADSL lines, which begin later this month. According to Telkom's official press statements, upgrades from existing 1Mbps service to 2 Mbps service will begin on the 24th of August, scheduled for 6 weeks.  Upgrade of 384kbps to 1Mbps will only commence in October for completion by early November. At present 4 up to 10Mbps lines will remain unaffected.

We chose to be prudent and await the official roll-out schedule for Telkom's upgrades, rather than make an early announcement in line with our competitors. In this way we have ensured the best possible prices (and savings) for our clients, which will be derived as follows:-

Unbundled ADSL Lines will be automatically upgraded without any change in price. Uncapped clients will have the option of keeping their existing products, or upgrading. Bundled Clients currently on 384kbps will automatically be upgraded to 1Mbps Line and Uncapped Data at R297pm. Clients currently on 1Mbps will be given the option of remaining on 1Mbps at R297pm (R100 saving) or upgrading to 2Mbps Line and Data (R100 more for double the speed). At this point, 4 & 10 Mbps Bundles will remain unchanged, though 10Mbps Uncapped Data drops from R997 to an incredible R797!!

Package Line Rentals Uncapped Data Only Bundles Bundle Saving
384kbps N/A R177 (existing clients only) N/A N/A
1Mbps R149pm R197pm R297pm R49 (14%)
2Mbps R279pm R297pm R497pm R79 (13.7%)
4Mbps R399pm R397pm R697pm R99 (12.4%)
10Mbps R399pm R797pm R897pm R299 (15%)


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Peter French said

Wow - just plain amazing… Afrihost does it again!!!

Shvek Singh said

Well done Afrihost! Excellent!

Bryan Banfield said

In Mixed Martial Arts this is the time when all the other ISPs tap.

Stephanie Parkes said

So I thought I made the right decision to go with “Afrihost” and see I did - Well done!!!!! love it!!!!

Alan said

Well done! But us capped users (needing unshaped gaming access) are feeling a little left out :)
Hopefully there’s some good news waiting for us as well.

Bruce (Tech Ninja) said

Noooooice!!! :)

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