• 04 Apr

Afrihost Turbo Charges Uncapped ADSL!

Not so long ago, a TV hero would tell his talking sportscar to Turbo past, over or through obstacles. Even though his car was already incredibly fast, it sometimes needed that extra boost to give it an edge. Clearly our team have been watching too much TV! With our latest inspired idea, we are redefining how Uncapped ADSL works - by introducing Turbocharge!

Turbocharge adds a new dimension of speed and convenience to our Uncapped product, which already offers excellent value for money. As a semi-shaped product, the network automatically gives highest priority to real time services - which always run at full speeds, while downloads are sometimes shaped to provide the best overall experience to all users on our network.

Now, as a value added service, Uncapped users can activate Turbocharge, which will completely unshape their Uncapped connection for 60 minutes at a time. During this time all traffic shaping protocols are removed from their profile, allowing them full unshaped use of their ADSL connection for that Turbocharged session. Once the session expires, their ADSL will return to our normal Uncapped management policy. In simple terms, if you want that download now, TurboCharge to make sure you get it at the fastest speeds possible.

The great news for our clients is that every single client will be granted 300 minutes (or 5 sessions) automatically each month. Clients will also be able to top up additional Turbocharge sessions for just R29 - applicable minutes will depend on the client's package. The following table illustrates how much R29 will purchase on each tier:

Product Top-up Increment Price
10Mbps Consumer Uncapped 60 minutes R29 per increment
4Mbps Consumer Uncapped 120 minutes R29 per increment
2Mbps Consumer Uncapped 240 minutes R29 per increment
1Mbps Consumer Uncapped 480 minutes R29 per increment

Unused sessions will expire at the end of the month (similar to data topups) and a new allocation of 300 minutes will be loaded on the first of every month. We aim to continue to raise the bar for ISP services by anticipating client's needs and developing tools to give them more out of our products. Turbocharge is yet another awesome gadget available to our clients in their ClientZone arsenal.

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Dan said

You guys are freaking geniuses.

Kobus van der Walt said

Awesome idea, especially since every customer gets 5 sessions free. I am just wondering how does one activate this service? Also will a person be able to activate all 5 sessions straight after each other or is there going to be a “waiting period” between each session?

Awesome ISP with amazing service. Keep it up guys :)

Ernest Gauntlett said

What!!! This is amazing! What innovation! You guys are absolutely unparalleled in the SA market - I’m very proud to be an Afrihost client!!


JD Snyman said

This is very good news. Thanks a lot for the free sessions. How do I begin the free sessions ?

Louis vd Merwe said

I like it. Thanks!

Shawn Botha said

Nice.. Very nice.  Will this toggle switch be available in an updated mobile app or so we need to log onto the client zone every time?

Ross said

You guys are like *** with innovation, but for ISP’s!!! Great work! Fantastic!!

Steyn Venter said

Oh-My-Word!!! You guys are freaking amazing!!!

Sam said

I am proud to be a Afrihost client.

Dan said

Glad to see you guys implemented this little gem ;-)


most brilliant idea eva…....

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