Afrihost Topup Data Rollover
  • 18 Feb

Afrihost Topup Data Rollover

All our topups will now rollover and be available for use in both the current month they were purchased in as well as the entire month thereafter! And this will apply to both Mobile Data and DSL data topups.

Over the years, we have always fought for more value for our clients, by pioneering unconventional approaches like their trademark 2-for-1 Topups for DSL and Mobile Data and Double Data for their connectivity packages.

We have now also ensured that our Topup data stretches further for our clients by making it last for longer.

Any Topup will now be valid for the full remainder of the month that the Topup was purchased in, as well as the entire following month. So a client who tops up on the 17th of February will be able to use the data purchased until midnight on the 31st of March (instead of the data expiring at the end of the month on the 28th of February).

We recently delighted our clients with the launch of Afrihost Plus+. This guaranteed that eligible clients would receive 2-for-1 Topups on DSL or Mobile Data all month long, as well as Double Data on Mobile Data, 500MB Free Mobile Data, Double Uncapped Turbocharge minutes and DSL Soft Cap, with Simfy All Access included. The extension of Topup data expiry means that Afrihost clients now enjoy even more value on their broadband spend.

Clients can Topup their DSL or Mobile Data at any time in ClientZone, via the Afrihost App on iOS or Android, or by SMS when receiving bandwidth notifications.

For more information visit ClientZone.

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Brian Kearsey said

Does this Roll over apply to Mobile data as well?

Jeff said

@Brian: Yes, both Mobile and DSL Topups will rollover.

Brian Kearsey said

Thank You

vasen said

Well done….A company looking after their customers! !!!!

Mariam said

Excellent Value for your money…  Exceptional customer service!!!

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