• 25 Apr

Afrihost Stamps their Authority on VDSL!

They say the best things in life are worth waiting for. Many eyes within the broadband community have been eagerly watching us to see how we would price ourselves in the VDSL market. With many of our competitors benchmarking their pricing around Telkom's initial offering, we are about to blindside our competition with the most competitive VDSL offers available.

Our prices are up to 56% lower than our closest rivals, with savings on some products ranging between R1500 and R2700 over other major competitors.

We will be offering a full suite of VDSL products, including Line Rental, Uncapped Bandwidth and Bundles, which will be available at Consumer and Business levels. Our Capped DSL is already VDSL capable. 

Uncapped VDSL accounts will follow similar business and shaping policies to their ADSL counterparts, with Uncapped VDSL products being semi-shaped (according to available capacity), while Business VDSL Packages will be guaranteed unshaped during office hours. Turbocharge sessions will also be available to Consumer Uncapped VDSL accounts.

Our VDSL products will be available for sign up on our website by the end of next week.

Uncapped VDSL Packages

PackageLine RentalData OnlyUncapped Bundle

Business VDSL Packages

PackageLine RentalData OnlyUncapped Bundle

* Correct at the time of publishing. Some product specifications may have changed.

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kent jansen said

I want one now… but it’s not available in my area :(

Darryl Oliver said

*sigh* How I wish I could get my hands on VDSL :(

David said

Very very nice packages! Just a shame that we don’t even have 10Mbps in our road.

Tebb said

It’s just a pity I can’t even get Telkom to upgrade the exchange to 10Mbps in my area in Cape Town, so the fastest I’ll ever be (for the forseeable future) is a 4mb line…

Ian D. Samson said

Now that’s a motivation to win the lottery! Invest the capital and send the interest to Afrihost to pay for the VDSL!

Francois Robb said

Saw this article on facebook and checked it, would really like it but not yet in my area. Just for interest sake I compared your prices with the likes of **** and you charge almost half or their price for the same product. They charge for home 40Mb R3,499 and you charge R1,997.

I am a die hard Afrihost fan with a current 2mb uncapped - always have, always will.


Jerry Voloch said

Amazing packages. I have been with Afrihost for some years I am one happy client. I am an Afrihost fan and supporter and always will be.

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