• 07 Mar

Afrihost Solves the Mystery!

As a famous detective said to his sidekick, "It's elementary!". We are giving away FREE bandwidth - again!! Following our extremely successful Mystery Bonus campaign for Capped ADSL clients, we will now be rewarding our loyal clients with the chance to win up to 240% extra bandwidth this month!

Every single Capped ADSL client will receive a mail, inviting them to claim their Mystery Bonus. Following the link will initiate a random draw, which will calculate a percentage of their normal ADSL bandwidth, which will be added onto their monthly data allocation. The percentage awarded can be anywhere from 50% up to an incredible 240%, potentially resulting in a client having more than triple their bandwidth for the month - at no cost to them.

So, for example, a 10GB capped account holder could get another 24GB added to their account - absolutely free (if they get the maximum bonus award).

As with the previous promotion, the additional data is added as a topup to the client's account, and unused data will expire at the end of March. The difference is that we will now be rewarding our entire Capped client base within the next 48 hours, rather than over a 2 month period as we did previously.

With the recently completed IPC upgrades to our ADSL network adding significant additional capacity, we are determined to make sure that our Capped clients get the most out of their FREE mystery reward.

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