Afrihost Revised Mobile Awesomeness
  • 24 Jun

Afrihost Revised Mobile Awesomeness

Afrihost are offering their Mobile Two and Mobile Three clients an exclusive opportunity to lock in FREE data on their packages! While all Mobile Data packages will be revised from the 30th of June, clients on these packages will continue to receive the very best value on offer, and other clients will have the opportunity to sign up or upgrade to receive this incredible limited offer - guaranteeing more FREE data until 31 December 2014!

Afrihost shocked the Mobile Data fraternity by entering the market with their flagship Mobile Two offer, priced at just R145pm for 5GB (2GB+3GB Free) – an effective price of R29 per GB. The offer was originally meant to be valid only until 28 February 2014, but they extended the offer until 30th June 2014, along with adding at least doubled monthly data on all other Mobile offers.

The Mobile Two offer for R145pm will be revised to a 2GB + 2GB package (effective from 1 July for clients already on that package), offering data at a very reasonable R36/GB. Mobile Three will be revised to a 3GB + 3GB package for R197pm (also effective 1 July for existing clients) which roughly equates to R32/GB. Both packages will only offer FREE data for signups prior to 30th June. Any signups made after 30 June, will only qualify for 2GB or 3GB packages at the same price but without double the data.

So clients currently receiving 5GB (2GB + 3GB FREE) for R145pm will continue to receive FREE data until 30th June, and thereafter will receive 2GB (+2GB FREE) for the same price. However, if they upgrade or downgrade after the 30th of June, they will lose access to the exclusive offer.

Along with the changes to Mobile Two and Mobile Three packages, Afrihost will also be ending their current double data promotion on all other mobile packages. Clients can still get Mobile Data from as little as R29pm and also top up at just R45.50/GB when 2-for-1 Topups are on offer. The new out of bundle rate of 10c/MB will allow clients to stay online at the lowest out of bundle rate on the market*.

PackageDouble Data AllocationNew Data Allocation (for sign ups after 30 June)PriceCost per GB
Mobile 250250MB + 250MB (500MB)250MBR29pmR99
Mobile 500500MB + 500MB (1GB)500MBR58R99
Mobile One1GB + 1GB (2GB)1GBR99R99
Mobile Two2GB + 3GB (5GB)2GBR145R72.50
Mobile Two**2GB + 3GB (5GB)2GB + 2GB (4GB)R145R36.25
Mobile Three3GB + 4GB (7GB)3GR197R65.66
Mobile Three**3GB + 4GB (7GB)3GB + 3GB (6GB)R197R32.83
Mobile Five5GB + 5GB (10GB)5GBR297R59
Mobile Seven7GB + 7GB (14GB)7GBR397R56.70
Mobile Ten10GB + 10GB (20GB)10GBR497R49.70

*At time of going to press.

**Refers to Exclusive offer available until 30 June 2014. Once signed up, the offer is valid until December 2014, thereafter it will be revised or extended. Signups after 30th June will not qualify for this offer

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