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  • 22 Nov

Afrihost Reinvents ClientZone!

Here at Afrihost HQ we have a vision when it comes to our clients. We're inspired by innovation, and we believe that giving our clients what they want is just the beginning. To truly innovate, we want to give our clients what they will desire in the future, and deliver this in ways they haven't thought of yet. We want to change how our clients think about the way they interact with us and their products, so that being an Afrihost client is not only delightful - it's amazing!

With this mission in mind, we're proud to deliver fantastic self-management tools in our improved ClientZone. It's not just a facelift, it's a reinvention of the client experience and nothing short of awesome!

Our new ClientZone is slicker and more streamlined than it's predecessor, with a more intuitive user interface and better integration with our core systems than ever before. For example clients were previously restricted to submitting support requests to our team and then communicating by email, whereas they will now be able communicate directly with us via ClientZone, including a full history of multiple interactions. The new interface is optimised for Tablets (and we'll be doing the same for Smartphones in the coming weeks), enabling clients to stay informed at all times, wherever they are. The new ClientZone is initially available for the latest versions of popular browsers, and we'll be enabling support for older variants in the coming weeks. For now you'll need to have one of the following browser versions or later (best to get the most recent anyway!)  - Google Chrome 20+, Firefox 10+, Internet Explorer 10 (we'll be adding IE 8 & 9 soon), and Safari 5+.

ClientZone 2.0 contains all features you've come to love like Fix My Line, as well as other new and improved ways to manage your Afrihost Products, from viewing your ADSL usage to managing your Web Hosting. We've also introduced very cool ways for you to stay in touch with the latest developments from the Afrihost Team. We'll be broadcasting vital information like Network Updates and Promotions through our new Message Centre, as well as useful client-specific information regarding your account (like billing issues, upgrade information, etc) - all the data you need to make sure you're getting the most of your Afrihost products. This is just the beginning though, we'll be adding new features continually as we have plenty more in store!The old ClientZone will still remain active for now, and you will be able to switch between the two versions effortlessly. This is an open Beta so there will be no limit to the amount of initial users who can try it! Speaking of Beta, the new ClientZone will feature a Bug Reporting facility so you can alert us of any technical issues. We'd also love to get your impressions, ideas and criticisms on the new ClientZone, so please comment on this article (or even better take our poll below). At some point a few months down the line, once we are satisfied that the new ClientZone is fully stress-tested, we will decommission it's predecessor and send it to the big server in the sky (with much fanfare and appreciation).

Simply hit the button below to check out the awesome new look and get more info on all the new features!

Tell us what you think (and you could win some free bandwidth)

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Riyadh Gordon said

I love it I love it - its freaking wicked cool, I got everything that I need at my fingertips. Nothing more needed. Plus it looks So Slick

Simon Paton said

Nicely done guys! It’s been a while coming, but worth the wait.
Awesome interface. Simple and clear information. Keep up the great work!

Lenard said

It’s so stunning. Afrihost you rock - I love u !!!!!! We cannot do business without you!

Douw Prinsloo said

Just the way I like things - straight forward, simple, easy to use and not cluttered. You guys put the AWE in AWEsomeness. Can’t wait for it to also go mobile… Mmmm, wonder what’s next ?

Ben Bester said

The new clientzone looks and feels GOOD!! Well done guys!!

Mike said

This new ClientZone is simply fantastic! Its immersive, beautiful, and it just works. Plus, it’s built on a great framework, one of the best in my opinion.

The design is not only what I had expected, its ten times better!

You’ve done such a great job - well done for that!

Andre said

Yes, it IS a big improvement on the old Client Zone - which I thought was awesome and couldn’t be improved on.  Love the new one!  User-friendly and far less cluttered than the old one.

Well done yet again, Afrihost team!

Thank you.

Andrew MacPherson said

The new interface is definitely shiny, it sparkles and moves!

In terms of usability however I preferred the old one as everything was right there on the single page, now I have to wait for the animation to be done before I can view anything and as soon as I dig further into an item I have to wait again :(

I love the interface, its uber slick, but the delays make the time for me to get to my information slightly frustrating


Roger said

I like it but it would be really handy to be able to see an overview of the usage (maybe a bar across the bottom) on the home page. This must be the most common ‘quick info’ that people want to see and it’s crazy that this is 1 or 2 clicks away.

Sifiso said

It looks amazing. Info is well laid out and displayed. I feel like blue was a strange choice of background color but it is easy on the eyes. No complaints there.

AfriMan said

@Andrew McPherson We’ll be adding a feature to turn animation on and off soon, so you can get what you need a few milliseconds faster :)

Bonolo said

Simplicity meets innovation - this is why I choose Afrihost!

Siyanda said

I love the look, but for some reason I can’t login using google chrome

Martin Seraphim said

Absolutely love what you’ve done with it!

Initial thoughts, Where did everything go? But now I know you’re still working on it.  Over all it is very easy to navigate and really it is the same as the old one. (All the headings - Connectivity, hosting, billing, etc is the same headings, but just with a very neat look and feel to them).

If the navigation/animation is too slow well….“Upgrade your internet speed”.

I have to agree with Rodger’s comment, having a bar at the bottom which quickly shows your connectivity info (like usage) would be nice, or if you want to lean more towards the Windows 8 look and feel, change the Connectivity Icon into an instant usage display (% or MB left over).

The envelope top right is a nice touch for new messages, it even flashes with unread messages.

I can’t wait until you’ve incorporated all the rest of the previous control panel’s info into this one!

Thanks a million for all the hard work you guys are putting into it to give us (clients) the best Afrihost experience. You’re awesome!

Mike said

I also agree with the idea of having quick-info on the dashboard. Perhaps a little more info too? One would never want to go overboard, but there’s no harm in trying.

Perhaps using the rounded progress bar around the inner icon of the Connectivity button to indicate overall bandwidth usage. Maybe the same for hosting?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I think it’s great that Afrihost chose the best PHP platform around. I’ve been using it myself, and could never go back. (Now you all know why the development process for the new ClientZone has been so quick.)

Once again, great stuff! :D

Johannes said

Looks awesome!

If I may add, a Live Chat feature would be nice as it is a quick support gateway.

I’ve seen it be very effective with one or 2 hosting companies, but up to now you guys are doing a great job and making it easy for support queries.

Steve said

Pretty slick. I like the auto-save on field updates - after updating my info I was looking for the “save” / “update” button… then realized it had auto-saved! Slick indeed.

Nico Le Roux said

Baie mooi en “user friendly”

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