Afrihost Plus is ready for take off!
  • 26 Nov

Afrihost Plus is ready for take off!

After teasing the public with this amazing product last week, we are excited to announce the arrival of Afrihost Plus+! This awesome service is a first, not only for Afrihost clients, but for the South African ISP market as well!

Clients can expect a long list of awesome benefits from Afrihost Plus+, which is an add-on service for existing connectivity products. Clients can enjoy access to over 27 million songs, guaranteed Double Data and 2-for-1 Topups and extra Turbocharge minutes for under R100 per month!

The unique Plus+ experience can be activated by clients from today, simply by signing up on the Afrihost website and selecting the products they would like to associate with Afrihost Plus+. 

For just R99 per month, clients get full simfy africa access and an EXTRA 500MB of Mobile Data every month, to do whatever they want with it!

Afrihost Plus+ subscribers can also enjoy permanent Double Data on Mobile or Capped DSL packages, soft caps on Capped DSL accounts and unlimited 2-for-1 topups on Mobile Data or Capped data.

Uncapped clients aren’t getting left out! 300 extra Turbocharge minutes are available for use at anytime, on top of the FREE 300 minutes they already receive.

The fun doesn’t end there though! Clients have the luxury of switching the perks they receive between products every month. Double data on Mobile data and Capped data can be switch each month and so can 2-for-1 Topups. They will easily be able to manage this in ClientZone.

On the 1st of every month, 500MB of mobile data is allocated to Afrihost Plus+ subscribers.  Clients will have the option of adding it to their current mobile packages or taking out a new SIM.

First time Afrihost Plus+ subscribers will get a 30-day FREE trial, allowing them to enjoy the Plus+ experience first hand, before making up their minds - so there is no reason not to try it out right now!

Just like all Afrihost products, Afrihost Plus+ runs from month-to-month, which means clients can cancel the add-on feature before the 25th of the month, if they no longer wish to continue with the service.

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Shahn said

Looks like an awesome service! Can’t wait to trial it…


EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!!!!!!! Although we are not on one of the best packages, it is enough for our family….. Thank you for an excellent product.

stephen said

It seems to be cool

David said

I have really enjoyed Afrihost+. I listen to my favourite tracks while at work and when I go for a jog. The top-up’s at half price is great if I have been capped. Thanks Afrihost!

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